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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The RNIP is a new program launched in June 2019, which aimed towards strengthening smaller communities, especially those in rural areas. Employers in participating communities will have the chance to post employment opportunities. Skilled foreigners who are looking to measure and start working in Canada can get ready to apply for these positions and will achieve success. The community will then recommend the qualified applicant to the government for permanent residence.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

With regard to waning birth rates and early retirement, Canada is urgently trying to find skilled individuals. Although there's a high number of skilled immigrants moving to the good White North, almost 70% of immigrants settle in urban provinces like Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, leaving large gaps in rural communities.

The factor that the majority of immigrants forget to require consideration is that while opportunities in urban areas could seem more lucrative, they also accompany a substantially higher cost of living. In addition to it, given the undisputed preference for urban hubs by not only skilled foreigners but young native professionals. There's also significantly more competition for opportunities. The hidden advantage of seeking employment in smaller communities is because nobody is out there to fill the gaps, there's a better demand, and naturally, higher demand means a better salary.

This RNIP program has been considered as an Economic Pilot Program and targets foreigners that are eligible to meet certain requirements. This rural and northern immigration pilot program is designed in order to spread the advantages of economic immigration to smaller communities by creating a path to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers who want to figure and reside in one among the participating communities. The foreigners eligible for RNIP program could be those:

  • The applicant received a recommendation letter from a community
  • Obtained a job offer within the community's boundaries
  • Met the minimum education
  • Got required work experience
  • Has language proficiency
  • Has the settlement fund as per requirements of RNIP program

Work experience

The applicants for Rural and northern immigration pilot program are required to have continuous work experience of one year, which should amount to at least 1,560 hours in the past 3 years.

Who can apply for this RNIP program?

  • Should have graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution
  • Should meet or exceed the language requirements
  • Should meet the educational requirements
  • Needs to prove that he has enough money to support his transition into the community
  • Should have the intention to live in the community
  • Should meet community-specific requirements

Jobs that are high in demand under RNIP program

  • Steel manufacturing industry
  • Forestry sector
  • IT professions
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Medical professions
  • Education sector and police services
  • Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Construction industry
  • Food processing
  • Financial services
  • Dental industry
  • Meat processing industry

Participating Communities:

  • North Bay, ON
  • Sudbury, ON
  • Timmins, ON
  • Sault Ste. Marie, ON
  • Thunder Bay, ON
  • Brandon, MB
  • Altona/Rhineland, MB
  • Moose Jaw, SK
  • Claresholm, AB
  • Vernon, BC
  • West Kootenay, BC

Under Rural and northern immigration pilot program, in order to be eligible to be a pilot community, each of the communities had to satisfy specific requirements. The community needed to possess a population of fifty thousand or less and be located a minimum of 75 km from a core of a metropolitan area or have a population up to 200,000 people and thought of remote using Statistics Canada's index of remoteness. The Community needed to be in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan, or Yukon. Additionally, the community needed job opportunities, and an economic development plan, and how to successfully settle new immigrants into the community.

This is an RNIP community-driven pilot program which suggests that the communities are going to be very involved within the program. It'll be the community's responsibility to spot job opportunities within the local economy and to hunt out applicants, match these jobs. They're going to find candidates that not only meet the requirements of a specific job but that even has a real desire to settle within the community. Additionally, the community should work to assist the new immigrants to meet members of the community and aid within the successful settlement of the new immigrants.

Each community under this RNIP program will have it's own:

  • Eligibility requirement
  • Job finding process
  • Community recommendation process

How am I able to apply for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program?

There are 4 steps to applying for the RNIP program:

  • Make sure you meet both the IRCC eligibility requirements and therefore the community-specific requirements
  • Find an eligible job with an employer in one among the participating communities
  • Once you've got the work offer, submit the appliance recommendation to the community
  • If the community agrees to recommend you, then you can apply for permanent residence.

Eligibility requirements of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

In order to be eligible for this Canada PR program, the applicant needs to meet the IRCC requirements along with the community requirements. Below are the IRCC eligibility requirements for the RNIP Program:

  • Have qualifying work experience or have graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution within the recommending community
  • Have met or exceeded the language requirements
  • Have met or exceeded the tutorial requirements
  • Proof of enough money to support your transition into the community
  • Intend to reside in the community
  • Have met community-specific requirements

What could be expected from a community?

The program i.e, RNIP program is community-driven, which means the communities will:

  1. Assess the prospective candidates who could best fit the economic needs of these communities. Moreover, the candidate is required to have a genuine opportunity of employment and should have the intention of staying in the community as well.
  2. Recommend for the work permit and Canada PR to IRCC for the final decision
  3. Connect the newcomers with settlement services and
  4. Mentor the opportunities with established members of the community

Can the main applicant accompany the spouse and children under RNIP program?

Yes, he/she could bring relations that declared in an immigration application of RNIP program.
These include:

  • Spouse
  • A dependent child who is under 22 years old
  • Spouse's dependent child
  • A dependent child of a dependent child

How long is the time interval for RNIP and what are the processing fees?

The time interval for applications under the RNIP program varies counting on the community and on the number of applications being processed, also as on the processing times of the IRCC.

Each community may charge their own processing fees

For IRCC, the processing fee and right of permanent resident fee for the principal applicant is around $1,325. An equivalent fee applies to his/her spouse or common-law partner. The fee for every dependent child is $225 approximately.

What are the key considerations in submitting an application of RNIP program?

The requirements might look simple on paper, but often applications are rejected because the documents submitted were inaccurate, incomplete, or non-compliant. Here are some key considerations when applying for the RNIP program.

  • Which immigration program is that the best match for your background and as per your qualifications?
  • How does one determine that your education and work experience meet the requirements?
  • Does your job offer qualify the program?

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