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Work in the US as a specialist worker with H1 visa USA

The H1 Visa USA is one of the foremost popular ways to figure within the US. H1 visa USA is that has got to be applied for by an employer on behalf of a specialist employee. As the visa is granted to merely specialists, typically applicants hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and fields like IT, finance, architecture, medicine, science etc. Swis Immigration helps employers with filing for H1B petitions for his or her employees. We also help employees from across the globe get hired by companies likely to sponsor them for an H1 visa USA.

H1 visa USA

US H1B Visa details:

The H1 Visa USA is one of the foremost competitive visas to use for there being an annual visa cap, there's an enormous demand from US employers applying for this visa. Additionally, since it's a route to positive identification, it's one of the simplest visas to use to figure within the US.

Under the H1 Visa USA, successful petitioners can:

  • Live and add the US
  • Extend the stay within the US
  • Change employers during H-1B status
  • Stay with their dependent spouse & children aged under 21 within the US

Documents required:

The H1 visa USA may be a point-based visa system and the applicant would like to have a minimum of 12 points for application to be assessed. To be eligible applicant's needs to have:

  • A Bachelors or Masters degree from the US or the same in the home country
  • Or 12 years of labour experience
  • Or a mixture of education and work experience

The applicant awarded points as follows:

  • 3 points for each 1 year of school studies
  • 1 point for each 1 year of labour experience
  • Your petition for this H1 visa USA can thus be prepared when you score a minimum of 12 points

H1 visa USA cost:

H1 visa USA Filing Fee is presently 460 Canadian dollars. The filing fee for this H1 visa USA is for the 1-129 petition.Thus, this could be either paid electronically as a bank transfer or in cash at a specified bank that has branches across India. Next, create a profile on the US Visa Service and choose the scheduled appointment choice to make sure the right amount is paid and therefore the appointment is scheduled in a timely manner.

On the payment confirmation screen, the applicant is presented with payment options and further details of the way to initiate payment. The applicant needs to take a meeting within one year for the visa interview.


An H4 visa USA may be a non-immigrant dependent visa. The H4 visa USA doesn't grant you permanent residency, but it gives you the proper to measure, study, and add to the US.

Who is eligible?

  • Spouse of the H type US visa holder
  • Children under the age of 21, the parents of whom have an H visa USA

The validity of the H4 visa USA

H4 visa USA validity depends on the sponsor who is additionally called the principal applicant.

The H4 visa USA is typically sponsored by the spouse or parent having the H type US visa. Thus, this specific H4 visa USA becomes invalid when the sponsor gets expired.

Privileges of the H4 visa USA

  • The applicant can get a driver's license
  • Have opportunities to review within the US
  • Qualify for financial services, like banking and an H4 visa loan
  • Work permission for the H4 US visa holder
  • The holder of the H4 visa may go part-time, full-time or not in the least.
  • The H4 visa holder is permitted to start out any sort of business.
  • The holder of the H4 visa USA may still be eligible for an EAD albeit he doesn't seek employment.

Documents required for application

  • US visa interview appointment letter
  • A valid passport
  • Copy of the first visa holder's passport
  • Photograph of the first visa holder, and applicant together
  • Passport-sized photograph of the applicant
  • Confirmation page of the web DS-160 form
  • Visa fees receipt from the relevant bank
  • A copy of the first visa holder's form I-797
  • A letter from the first visa holder's employer stating the character of the connection between the first visa holder and employer
  • Original marriage certificate
  • Original birth certificates of youngsters.

How Swis Immigration can help you?

The H1 visa USA requires the very best quality of documentation so as to offer the applicant's petition an opportunity at success. Swis Immigration has the knowledge and knowledge to make sure that the application is thorough and meets all benchmarks. Our teams assist with:

  • To work at a branch, parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of the present employer
  • Job Search Assistance within the US
  • Preparing your documentation
  • Complete Application Processing
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing

The H1 Visa USA may be a life-changing opportunity for anyone looking to figure within the US. SWIS Immigration can assist you to make the foremost of this chance with our end-to-end support that starts with helping to discover employment, applying for an H1 visa USA, applying for a PR and more. Ask us today to get how we will assist you.

We can also write to us your queries at and thus, we'll revisit you within 24 hours to debate your eligibility and options.

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