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Work with an employer in the US as a specialist worker

This kind of USA immigration visa is the most famous way to work in the country. Under the H1 visa USA, the employer has to apply for work on behalf of the concerned employee. H1 visa USA is permitted only to the specialists. These specialists are those who have got at least a Bachelor degree in any of the fields like finance, IT, science, medicine or architecture.

H1 visa USA

Swis Immigration team assists the employers who are willing to file the petitions for their employees. Not only this, but we also assist people who wish to get hired by the employers and the companies will sponsor them for getting an H1 visa USA.

Details of H1 visa USA

There is a huge demand from the employers of the US for applying for this H1 visa USA as it is the foremost competitive visas. In order to enter and work in the country, the H1 visa USA is the simplest and easiest way to work in the USA.

Documents required for getting an H1 visa USA:

This visa of US immigration is called a point-based visa system and to get this visa, the candidate must have 12 points at least for your application to be assessed. The applicants need to have the following documents to be eligible for this visa:

  • The applicant must have either a bachelors or masters degree from their home country or from the USA.
  • Work experience of 12 years
  • The applicant could also have a combination of both education and work

The applicant will get the points as follows:

  • 3 points for each 1 year of school studies 3 points will be awarded for education
  • One year of work experience will be given 1 point only
  • Only when you achieve a minimum of 12 points, then you will become eligible for being a part of this H1 visa USA petition.

H1 visa USA cost:

The filing fee associated with an H1 visa USA is nearly $460. You need to file a 1-129 petition for getting an H1 visa USA. The application fees of H1 visa USA could be paid either electronically or in cash at any of our branches. Moreover, you also need to schedule an appointment for your interview.

When the applicant pays off the application fees of the H1 visa application, you ought to make an appointment within one year from the date you paid the application fee.


This kind of visa is regarded as a dependent visa. The concerned visa does not provide you with permanent residency but could help you stay in the country and would also permit you to study and work on this H4 visa USA.

Who is eligible for an H4 visa USA?

  • H type US visa holder's spouse is eligible for this visa
  • The dependent children under 21 years are also eligible for an H4 visa USA

Validity of H4 visa USA

The validity associated with the H4 visa USA depends particularly on the sponsor who is also known as the principal applicant.

This visa particularly sponsored by the parents or many times by the spouse as well who have the H type US visa. As soon as the visa of the sponsor will come to an end, the H4 visa USA will also get expired.

H4 visa USA privileges

  • The driver license could be achieved by the applicant
  • Could have opportunities to stay in the country
  • The applicant of this visa could also qualify for the financial services that might include banking as well
  • The work will also be allowed to the applicant under this H4 visa USA
  • They may also be able to go on either a part-time job or full-time
  • They are also allowed to start any kind of business of their own choice
  • The holder of H4 visa USA could also seek employment

Documents required for application

  • Interview appointment letter required
  • A valid passport is needed
  • The sponsor's visa passport copy needed
  • The sponsor's visa copy required along with the applicant's
  • Photographs required
  • Complete DS-160 form
  • The fees receipt from the bank
  • The sponsor's visa copy form 1-797
  • A letter required from the employer of the sponsor stating his character of connection with him.
  • Need to pay stubs of the first employment
  • He needs to provide the original marriage certificate
  • The children's original birth certificates need to be provided

How Swis Immigration can assist you?

Swis Immigration could provide you with the best documentation in order to make a petition of the applicant an opportunity to succeed. The team ascertains an extensive knowledge of how to file an application for an H1 visa USA and thus, meets all the benchmarks as well.

This visa could act as a life-changing opportunity for individuals looking to work in a country like the USA. Swis Immigration could provide you with end-to-end support which could help you discover employment opportunities while applying for an H1 visa USA and could also help you in getting PR and more.

For more information on H1 visa USA, you can contact us at info@swisimmigration.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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