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Study in Poland

The people of Poland are excellent and identified as hard-working people across the globe. Poland holds a long historic background that dates back many centuries. As the culture of Poland pays attention to innovation which helps in providing qualitative education to international students who are willing to study in Poland.

Study in Poland

Why study in Poland

Though having an ample number of options for study in Poland, many international students choose Poland as their study destination. Below mentioned are a couple of reasons that help international students make their decision to study in Poland. These reasons are:

  1. Quality of Education in Poland

  2. In order to study in Poland, the education system of the country is identified as the easiest among the entire European countries as the country entirely depends on innovative methods of research as well as teaching. Moreover, a significant number of scientists belonged to the nation only which included Copernicus. This ascertains the quality of education being delivered in the country and with regard to this, the degree got from Poland is recognised across Europe as well as the globe.

  3. Advantage of being a member of the EU

  4. Completing your education from Poland can put a great advantage to your degree as the country is a member of the ECU. Another advantage to studying in Poland is that you might get a visa from a Schengen group and could get a chance to visit 26 Schengen countries while you are studying in Poland. Moreover, you may also use European Credit transfer System to pursue study in another country of the European Union.

  5. Extend Your Stay in Poland

  6. If you wish to work and seek employment after the completion of your studies in Poland, then you could extend your visa easily without travelling back to your home country. When you will receive employment in Poland after completion of your studies, you need to apply for a blue card that will ensure your settlement permanently in the country.

  7. English Instruction of studies

  8. The best part of studying in Poland is that international students are taught each and every course in the English language and thus, the quality of education is not at all compromised. This procedure of admission has a requirement in some universities in Poland that a language proficiency test certificate is needed prior to their admission in order to ensure you are compatible enough to study in English medium. In addition, this is advised to check the requirement before applying to the university in Poland.

  9. Scholarship Opportunities & Aid

  10. In Poland, there are a number of scholarships available for international students both on merit as well as non-merit scholarships, where the institute is in need of the learners. In order to study in Poland on a scholarship basis, the students are aided by both the government as well as corporate groups and universities. Moreover, a couple of banks also provide loan service for students who wish to study in Poland and could repay it after the completion of their studies.

  11. Internship Opportunities for international students

  12. In Poland, the international students might get internship options who study in Poland as many companies and their partners with colleges shortlist the eligible candidates for interning in positions that are particularly related to their study.

  13. Affordable education and low costs of living for foreigners

  14. The value of education is quite low as compared to the other countries like the UK, the USA, Canada and Sweden. Here, the cost of education is considered to be very less expensive. In addition to this, students will be completing their degrees in three years instead of completing it in four years. This way the cost of education is predicted to below.

Student Visa of Poland

The international students who are willing to study in Poland might apply for admission to a university or college in Poland. Thereafter, being accepted by the college in Poland, you will have to submit the required documents as prescribed by the university to study in Poland.

For admission to a university or college in Poland, the students are required to have a senior secondary education certificate for pursuing graduation and for post-graduation, a completed graduation degree or diploma is therefore required. After this, you need the following documents to apply for a Poland student visa.

  1. Visa form to be submitted without errors
  2. Passport with validity
  3. Official letter indicating acceptance to university or college in Poland
  4. a brief resume or CV of your academic also as extracurricular activities included in it
  5. school certificates also as diplomas if any
  6. Proficiency within English where required
  7. Proof of sufficient funds and proof of purchase of insurance needed
  8. Passport photograph required

For more information on study in Poland, you could write to us at info@swisimmigration.com

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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