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Austria Tourist Visa

Austria Tourist visa

Below mentioned are two types of Austria Schengen visas:

  • Austria tourist visa: This sort of visa is for sightseeing, travelling or spending vacations in Austria
  • Austria Visitor Visa: The visitor visa Austria is for the ones willing to go to their close ones or relatives that are living in the country.

Documents that are mandatory for tourist visa Austria

Following documents are needed for applying for an Austria tourist visa application:

  • Visa form
  • Application visa form needed
  • Passport size photographs required for the tourist visa Austria
  • A valid passport needed that should have a validity of 90 days at the minimum
  • If you have a previous Schengen visa, then attach the same along with the application
  • For any medical urgency, medical insurance should be done that should account for at least 30,000 euros
  • A piece of paper ascertaining the itinerary and the purpose to visit the concerned country
  • Air tickets details
  • The evidence of accommodation should be attached along
  • Sufficient funds to support the visit
  • Marriage proof if the applicant is married
  • The individuals who are employed are required to provide their evidence of employment along with the tax receipts and if you own a business, then proofs regarding your own going business.

How will Swis Immigration assist you through the application process for an Austria tourist visa?

The team leaders of Swis Immigration hold significant experience with regard to handling Schengen visas. The expertise team members will assist you in the following manner:

  • Evaluate all the documents and process of your Tourist visa Austria application
  • Provide assistance on the documentation that is required for visa application
  • Help you through funds that are needed to be shown for Austria tourist visa
  • Complete the application form required for the visa filing
  • Check all the documents that are needed to be submitted for application
  • Assist you against the interview

In order to get more information about Austria tourist visa applications, you may write to us at and we will get back to you shortly.

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