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Canada Super visa

Canada Super Visa

The Parents sponsorship Canada is for those individuals who wish either their parents or grandparents to live along with them in Canada. Without essential to renew their visa, the Super visa Canada allows the parents and grandparents to visit their family residing in Canada for up to a period of 2 years. Super visa Canada is only granted to those parents who are eligible for this visa. A significant difference between the Super vis Canada and the 10-year multiple visas is that Super visa Canada allows individual to stay in the county for up to a period of two years on each entry whereas, in 10-year multiple visas, people have to exit the country within a stipulated time frame that is six months.

Multiple entry visa is issued for a period of 10 years but while having such kind of visa, they need to leave the country after six months.

Who all are eligible for super visa Canada?

Super visa Canada permits the parents to come to Canada to visit their family. This visa is granted to parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents.

For getting this visa, the parents or grandparents should be eligible to meet all the conditions. To cite an example, they need to prove sufficient financial support to manage their stay in the country. They also need to have medical insurance which insures them for a period of one year.

A couple of factors will be considered by the delegated visa officer in order to grant the Super Visa Canada. These have been mentioned below:

  • The applicant should prove ties to his home country
  • They should clearly describe their purpose of visit
  • Should prove their financial status
  • The political stability of their own nation
  • The invitations need to be provided that has to be from Canadian hosts.

Information related to Super visa Canada

  • You could apply for your Super visa Canada either manually or online.
  • You could be eligible for a 10-year multiple entry visa spending on your situation.
  • You could use the Super visa Canada for up to 2 years.

Proof of funds for Super Visa Canada

The child is going to sponsor their parents or the grandchild needs to provide evidence of their financial status as their household earnings should meet the minimum required income. You have to prove this with the help of the following support documents:

  • You need to provide notice of assessment
  • Stubs of employment insurance required
  • The job offer letter needs to be provided which should cover the information related to salary and date of joining
  • Last 12 months pay stubs needed
  • To prove the financial position, you need to provide the bank statement as well

Processing time of parents sponsorship visa

The processing time of Super visa Canada could generally between 8 to 60 days. This also includes the time needed for biometrics verification for Super visa Canada

Canada PR of parents and grandparents

In order to get Canada PR, proper assistance needs to be taken. Canad PR will be based particularly on Family sponsorship. Swis Immigration provides proper guidance on such type of visas and will let you all the updated and accurate information on Super visa Canada.

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