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Spain having high educational standards and a better living standard along with having rich career opportunities and prospects for students willing to study in Spain, searching a good university and college in Poland is concerned to be easy enough for the international students. To study in Spain, the fees structure and cost of living is considered to be lesser than other countries of the European Union.

Study in Spain has bagged the thirst position in terms of delivering the best and qualitative education to international students as nearly 36% of citizens of the USA have come to study in Spain.

The country ascertained a number of the world's best as well as finest institutions for international students to study in Spain without having to provide evidence of language proficiency but upon one condition that they speak at least an intermediate level of English.

Certain factors make the country a perfect destination for international students which include the richness of its culture, scenic beauty and hospitable people of Spain to name but a few. Moreover, for several years, the country has been considered as a perfect study destination for international students as it avails many universities and offers many options for students and helps boost up their career.

The visitor will find many things to do in the country once they get to know the place and explore new things after getting enough knowledge of the language. No other place could offer a visitor such kind of food and service along with such unlimited shopping and crazy activities in a safe as well as a polite environment.

The international student except being from European Union needs to apply for study abroad in Spain. Students already pursuing their education in the country could extend their stay only after submitting their new application and receiving a letter of confirmation from the university.

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International students are advised to learn the Spanish language though they could enrol themselves in courses of English language. But, the Spanish language isn't required for getting admissions in the university.

If students are good at Spanish language, they could get programs in Spanish as well but the university wants the applicants to have a good command of the language and need to appear for the Language test of Spanish. In Spain, the language test widely accepted is the DELE test.

The students willing to study in Spain in English language will have to appear for the IELTS test which could prove their language proficiency with regard to studying in Spain.


Study abroad Spain student visas acquired by the international students could be applied in order to support the time duration of the course. Below mentioned is a brief explanation of such:

  • D type visa: This type of visa of 180 days ranges between three to six months.
  • Type D Student visa: If the duration is for six months.

The type D visa helps individuals to be eligible for the Residence Card. This type of visa is a short-term visa that permits international students to stay in Spain for a shorter duration. The validity of such a visa is for a maximum of one year and could be renewed every year until the student finishes the studies.

The student is not permitted to apply for a Spain student visa after he has already been in the country on a short term stay. He has to apply for a visa after moving back to the home country.

In addition to this, under the study in Spain visa, students are not permitted to change their visa after their arrival in the country. The visa of study in Spain as long as you obtained the visa from a consulate and Spanish embassy.


  • Completed visa form
  • The passport which is valid for the intended period of your stay within the country
  • 2 passport size photos required
  • Acceptance letter from the Spanish university
  • Details about the study program like the name of the degree and hours of study per week
  • Health insurance valid for the entire period of the studies
  • Proof of getting the specified financial resources to hide living expenses
  • Certificates of previous studies
  • Proof of the visa application fees paid
  • PCC to prove no legal cases


Students who are not from European Union countries are allowed to work part-time during the term time and on holidays, could work full-time.

For more information on study in Spain for international students, write to us your queries at info@swisimmigration.com

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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