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Skilled Employer-sponsored regional (provisional visa) subclass 494

This skilled immigration to Australia visa program known as the subclass 494 is out there to prospective applicants whose occupation is either on the Medium to future skilled Occupation List or the Regional skilled Occupation List. The applicant needs an employer to sponsor, in much an equivalent way as a TSS visa. The applicant also needs to have a Migration Skills Assessment in his nominated occupation, Competent English and three years' full-time work experience during a relevant position for the last 5 years. The organization may sponsor the worker as follows:

  • Within the stream known as an employer-sponsored stream, if the organization has been approved as a typical business sponsor; or
  • Within the stream named as a Labour Agreement stream of Australian immigration, if the organization has secured the relevant approval
Skilled Employer-sponsored regional (provisional visa) subclass 494

Skilled employer-sponsored regional subclass 494 visa holders may apply for permanent residency independently in order to get their employer by way of a subclass 191 Permanent Residence application which is a pathway will be introduced after 16 November 2022. Moreover, it has been provided that they need to hold the skilled employer regional subclass 494 visas for a minimum of 3 years and hence, should comply with the conditions of the visa and should meet minimum taxable income requirements and hence, in addition to other prescribed criteria.

Subclass 494 Visa Streams

There are three major streams for this visa pathway:

  • Employer-Sponsored stream – This skilled immigration to Australia stream allows regional employers to fill labour shortages within their region by sponsoring skilled workers where employers can't source a talented Australian worker.
  • Labour Agreement stream – This skilled immigration to Australia stream allows skilled workers nominated by employers who have a labour agreement. Therefore, the labour agreements are developed by the Government of Australia, which is represented by the employers as well as the department.
  • Subsequent entrant – This skilled immigration to Australia specific stream is for relations of a talented Employer-Sponsored Regional subclass 494 visa holder who is applying separately for his or her subclass 494 visa and need to hitch the first subclass 494 Skilled immigration to Australia visa holder.

Position Requirements for subclass 494 Skilled immigration to Australia visa holders

Thus, the nomination to be approved for the organisation, they must demonstrate that the position is:

  • Located in regional Australia;
  • Listed on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Full time and certain to exist for a minimum of 5 years.

In addition, the organization would be required to hunt certification from a regional certifying body and, unless exempt, fulfil Labour Market Testing requirements.

Application process

The skilled immigration to Australia application process for the subclass 494 Australian immigration visa is often weakened into six different steps as explained below –

  • Step one -The applicants applying for subclass 494 are required to submit an expression of interest to the Department of Home Affairs of Australia. This enables the applicant to duly notify an approved employer about their interest in being nominated.
  • Step two - Once nominated, the applicant will receive a proper invitation to submit a visa application.
  • Step three -Upon invitation, the applicant prepares the relevant documents and proceeds with the appliance within 60 days of the invite.
  • Step four – Filling of the appliance online.
  • Step five -Department of Home Affairs reviews and processes the appliance.
  • Step six -Once the appliance is approved, the visa grant notice is going to be sent to the applicant, including the visa grant number, commencement date of the visa also as visa conditions where applicable.

Benefits of subclass 494 Australian immigration visa

  • The applicant gets the right to reside in Australia for a period of 5 years
  • Apply for permanent residency after 3 years, if eligible
  • The applicant gets the right to study and work freely in a region of Australia during the duration of the visa
  • Get the right to travel in and out of Australia at will for the duration of the visa
  • Get the right to social healthcare benefits via Medicare

Applicant requirements

The first applicant must be, but 45 years aged, hold a legitimate skill assessment for the nominated skilled occupation list and have a minimum of 3 years of full-time relevant work experience unless exemptions apply. The main requirements such as English, character and health must even be met.

Can employers nominate on a 494 Australian immigration visa?

Employers located in any area outside Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney that are the designated regional areas in order to nominate applicants. The vacancy must be from a talented skilled occupation list of quite 700 occupations. The employer would require approval from the Regional Certifying Body in their location. The position should be full-time and genuine and must be available for five years. The candidate must be paid the salary at the market rate and quite $53,900 once a year plus superannuation.

How does a 494 visa end up in permanent residency?

It is 5-year skilled immigration to Australia visa allowing access to the permanent residence via the Subclass 191 Permanent Residence of Skilled Regional Australian immigration visa once the subsequent specifications are met:

  • Having worked during a designated regional area for a minimum of 3 years while holding the subclass 494 Australian immigration visa.
  • Must show the minimum income of $53,900 per annum for 3 years. If the applicant got a partner involved within the 494 Australian immigration application, just one of you is required to confirm three years of salary per annum (also tax returns) at or above $53,900. The partners are often the key applicant for 191 visas if they will meet the specified specifications.

How Swis Immigration can help?

Swis Immigration will provide comprehensive professional advice and assistance in reference to the sponsorship, certification, skills assessment, nomination and visa applications, in order to assist the employer and employee.

Our professional services for Australian immigration include:

  • Advising on the criteria required to satisfy the varied applications
  • Identifying and managing risk
  • Providing advice to satisfy the relevant regional certifying body's criteria
  • Providing guidance in reference to Labour MarketTesting criteria
  • Making any regional body certification, sponsorship application, nomination and visa applications
  • Assisting with any skill assessment application
  • Assisting the organization and therefore the visa applicant to get all necessary supporting documents
  • Advising on and assisting with the preparation of the utilization offer and contract to satisfy immigration requirements
  • Communicating with the Immigration Department on behalf of the organization and therefore the Australian immigration visa applicant until a choice is received

To discuss how we will assist you with advice, and managing the sponsorship, certification, nomination, skills assessment and visa applications for your existing or potential worker under the subclass 494 Australian immigration visa schemes, you may write to us at

We can also write to us your queries at and thus, we'll revisit you within 24 hours to debate your eligibility and options.

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