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Canada Tourist visa

Canada is home to many visitors annually. In fact, quite 35 million people visit Canada per annum to enjoy the various opportunities our country has got to offer, including visiting family and friends. If you would like to return to Canada for a short-lived purpose sort of vacation or to go to family or friends, you'll need a short-lived Resident Visa, unless you're a citizen from a "visa exempt" country just like the USA or Australia.

Canada Tourist visa

Visitor Visa Canada allows those foreign nationals to go to Canada with the liberty to reunite with friends, family, or maybe just explore a replacement country.

Millions of tourists flock to Canada every year to visit friends and family or in order to just experience Canada's natural beauty and the various scenic spots. Swis Immigration will definitely assist you through the entire procedure with our quick Canada Visit Visa services. Moreover, a Canada tourist visa is generally being granted for a period of six months and is either single or multiple entry visas. Most importantly, you are not allowed to work on a visitor visa Canada. You are therefore free to travel across Canada for leisure as well as for tourism or business through the tourist visa.

Why choose Canada for tourism?

Canada tourist visa has no shortage of breathtaking natural wonders and cosmopolitan cities for travellers to explore as being the second-largest country within the world. The country offers authentic experiences and opportunities for cultural immersion from coast-to-coast. There's an upscale history that has melded together colonial and indigenous traditions to make a various immigrant society.

Discover the very best tides within the world at the Bay of Fundy within the East alongside the wildlife that inhabits the rare, temperate rainforests on the West Coast. Canada is an outstanding place for nature-lovers and city-slickers alike to travel away on vacation through the tourist visa.

A Tourist through Visitor visa Canada could hear the roaring sound of Niagara Falls, where they'll continue boat trips along the river, taking in amazing views of the misty cliffs in central Canada. Their visit wouldn't be complete without spending time in either Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal, these are all bustling, world-class international metropolitan cities that host many events like traditional parades and music festivals.

For those that have an interest in venturing beyond the wilder side of Canada's Maritime Provinces within the east, the sweetness of the Gros Morne park will astound you. Alongside the rich heritage that cities like Halifax and St John's provide, Canada's North gives visitors the chance to ascertain creatures like caribou and polar bears within the wild. Moreover, visitors could also join countless other visitors that are heading up into the Arctic Circle, hoping to ascertain the northern lights. At length, do all this and more, together with their Canada tourist visa or prefer to commence planning your immigration to the present welcoming nation.

Canada tourist visa requirements

The Canada tourist Visa is a straightforward visa application supplying the power to go to Canada through Visitor visa Canada for a period of up to six months.Key points to notice about this tourist visa are:

  • Canada tourist visa could only be used for leisure or tourism purposes
  • Visitors are not allowed to use this tourist visa to figure or to use for work
  • Visitors can take your dependent or family members along through Canada tourist visa
  • Most probably, the Canada tourist visa is issued in 27 days after submission of the application

General requirements for Canada tourist visa

Every traveller must be in possession of a legitimate passport to travel across the Canadian border, regardless of their country of origin. The passport must have an open page for immigration and passport control officers to stamp as you progress across the borders or airport control points.

A lot of nations are exempt from applying for a Canada Visitor Visa and will only need an Electronic Travel Authorization but people who aren't exempt got to appear face to face at the Canadian embassy in their country of residence. A biometrics screening is completed by an embassy consultant and therefore the travel documents that collect and present are checked for approval generally, over a 4-6 week waiting period however this relies on your nationality and where you're applying from.The Canada visitor visa application procedure requires you to satisfy the subsequent criteria:

  • A valid passport is needed with an expiry date that's after six months or more.
  • Documents that prove enough ties to your home country.
  • The applicant needs to prove enough funds to support your stay in Canada
  • Sponsors are required to provide a letter of invitation to the applicant or the person they want to invite
  • A Medical clearance certificate required to stay for more than six months, even as a visitor

Canada Tourist Visa Categories

There are different categories for a tourist visa, counting on the aim of your visit. Each category will have different eligibility criteria also because of the different process for application

  • Visa to Visit on Business

  • Any person who wishes to go to Canada temporarily for one or more of the subsequent purposes, is taken into account a Business visitor

    1. The business owner trying to find investment opportunities or partnerships in Canada to grow their business
    2. The aim of the visit is to create business relationships with stakeholders in Canada
    3. Search for ways to grow a business,

    Indians who are applying for a visitor visa for the aim of business are required to submit the subsequent with their Canada visitor visa application

    1. A letter of invitation from the partner in Canada alongside details of 24-hour contact information of the person
    2. Documents showing sufficient proof that you are employed in your own country and have a legitimate job
    3. Plausible proof that visitor means to stay for 6 months or less and cannot seek to increase visa at the top of the stay duration
    4. Plausible proof that the visitor doesn't have any intentions to enter the work market in Canada
    5. Get to submit proof that business headquarters isn't based in Canada which mean, the source of income is outside Canada
    6. Get to have a legitimate passport which isn't thanks to expiring within the next six months.
    7. Need to point out proof that the visitor simply has sufficient funds for stay in Canada also as return airfare
  • A temporary resident or visitor visa

  • A traveller with an intention to go to Canada for the aiming at a vacation or for visiting relatives, then the applicant needs a short-lived resident/visitor visa, that is a political document that's stamped on the passport by the Canadian consulate official. The stamp will indicate that the applicant has met all the required conditions to enter Canada.

    Eligibility for a tourist visa

    1. The applicant needs to possess a legitimate passport that's undue to expire in 6 months or less
    2. Required to be in healthiness
    3. The applicant ought to have a clean diary with no criminal or immigration-specific convictions
    4. Ready to show sufficient proof that he has strong ties to the home country
    5. Ready to convince the immigration officer of their bona fide intention to go away from Canada once within specified visa duration
    6. Financial means, have sufficient funds to support the stay.
    7. Sponsored person or family getting to stick with relatives, need a letter of invitation from them
    8. Get to undergo a checkup and submit the results of an equivalent if asked to do so.
  • Super visa for grandparents and fogeys

  • If you're a parent or a grandparent and shall visit your family in Canada, then Super visa is an excellent option. Unlike a traditional visitor visa which only allows remaining in Canada for 6 months, the super visa allows the visitor to remain in Canada for up to 2 years.

    Eligibility criteria for super visa

    1. The applicant needs to be either the parent or the grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
    2. Need a signed letter of invitation from A child or grandchild which should include the subsequent
      • An undertaking that he or she is going to support you financially for the duration of your stay in Canada.
      • An inventory stating the names and number of the persons living in their house
      • A replica of his or her Canadian passport or PR visa.
      • Proof of getting obtained medical insurance from an insurance firm in Canada that gives a minimum coverage of 1, 00,000 CAD and is valid for a minimum of a year from the date of entry and is fully purchased.
    3. Proof of getting obtained medical insurance from an insurance firm in Canada that gives a minimum coverage of 1, 00,000 CAD and is valid for a minimum of a year from the date of entry and is fully purchased.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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