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Work Visa

Work and settle abroad

Do you want to create a career and life abroad? Together with the World’s leading overseas career specialists and a number one work visa agent, Swis immigration has helped wed thousands of people and families settle within the World’s most livable countries

Work Visa

We have seen firsthand how moving abroad can dramatically improve not just the migrants’ life, but that of their families and fogeys. Moreover, with our comprehensive overseas career solutions, we are the best for professionals seeking to figure abroad.

Swis immigration is the best immigration for the work visa for Canada.

End to finish job search services

Swis Immigration has streamlined the steps involved in working abroad to form your journey smoother. Our process is aimed at making your profile more accessible, attractive, and interesting.

Our services of skilled worker visa begin with helping to create a resume that meets international standards and assists you to craft an enticing LinkedIn profile.

We then market profile within the countries of your choice and work to urge you to interview calls. A fanatical job search consultant will work with you on your international career, guiding you through the method.

Our job search services include the following:

Job search strategy report: With the assistance of experts, we create a comprehensive report that supported your profile and chooses on positioning it in your target country with skilled worker immigration

Opportunity Research:We identify industry trends and job sources to urge you more job offers. We assist you to modify your profile to present it on different platforms.

Job applications: we, therefore, register your profile on various portals and job sites and even apply to relevant job postings on your behalf.

Click here for information regarding eligibility for work visa.

Why work abroad?

Working abroad through federal skilled workers can dramatically transform your life and career. Working abroad with a skilled worker visa is the perfect option for you if you propose to:

  1. Grow your career and have international mobility: With more opportunities, you get international exposure and experience.
  2. Earn dollar salaries resulting in higher saving: As you will be earning in Canadian dollars, it will sure be a huge investment back in the home country.
  3. Live in developed countries: The developed nations are known for its best quality education, healthcare, living conditions. You and your family could benefit form these factors and change life for the best.
  4. Have access to world-class education and healthcare: Canada’s universal healthcare system was adopted by the 1960’s. Under the program, every province or territory in Canada features a healthcare plan which provides all residents with reasonable access to medical services, without paying out of the pocket.
  5. Gain access to citizen benefits: With the work visa for Canada, you can also apply for permanent residency and enjoy other citizen benefits that the country provides.
  6. Get a stronger passport that facilitates international travel
  7. Transform your family's life

How Swis Immigration can assist?

Lots of interesting indivisible approach Swis Immigration per annum to assist them to realize their overseas career ambitions. Our suite of services includes:

  1. Resume Writing Services: Just make sure that your resume meets international standards and showcases your strengths.We provide with the best resume writing services, this could bring the tweak and helps your profile stand out from the rest in the eyes of companies and recruiters.
  2. LinkedIn Marketing: Improve chances of getting discovered online by recruiters and corporations with our LinkedIn marketing solutions.We understand global trends of recruitment through Linked In and help with curating the right profile for you which is your face of yours in the world of recruitment.
  3. Resume Marketing: The interested indivisible are required to a job in the target country's job market, with our Resume Marketing services that apply for jobs on your behalf through overseas job boards, classifieds & job postings.Swis immigration is the best immigration for the work visa for Canada.
  4. To know more details about how to get work visa for Canada, click here.Through opportunities research, and job search strategy report, we ensure that you are provided with the right opportunities following your skill set and field of expertise.

How can Swis Immigration help?

Swis Immigration is one of the leaders in Canadian immigration and visa consulting services. Our teams have worked on thousands of Canadian visa applications and have the knowledge and experience to help you throughout the process.

Our services include:

  1. Complete visa application support
  2. Assistance with collecting supporting documentation
  3. Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  4. Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate
  5. Job search assistance if required

Swis immigration services and team provides premium, top-rated immigration services and aid for Canada throughout the World. With thorough immigration assessments, we extend our helping hand to friends, families, and all those with immigration services and assorted needs. With our licensing.

Swis Immigration is authorized to handle any matters of immigration. We provide extraordinary services to our clients and ensure that there is a smooth sail ahead. Our clientele testimonials are a true testament to our services and with 100% client satisfaction, we are one of the best immigration consultancies.

If you are someone who harboring the dream to create a life abroad, then you are at the right place. Swis Immigration services and the professional team helps with every Visa need of yours so that you can finally fulfill the dream of working in Canada. Our team has already helped over a thousand people with the utmost levels of success and satisfaction.

We understand how a move to a foreign country could improve the overall living scenario of people and with our curated career solutions, you can now be carefree of this big and monumental change in your life path. Your work visa for Canada can no longer be a huge hassle with our World Class services.

We have a clear, streamlined process for creating a resume in accordance with international standards and then marketing them appropriately to the right countries to help you embark on your international career.

With Swis immigration, the applicants not only discover an opportunity that is best fitted to them but also get the tools and knowledge to assist with the very best chance of success.

Swis Immigration has always been a lucrative solution for top-notch immigration services. With the university, placement opportunities, our study abroad programs could be beneficial for students and everybody.

We, over the years have developed the knowledge and understanding of trends all across the globe and assist our clients in a modern and better way.

Our company has set a benchmark in the immigration domain with high rates and success ratios. For all of your immigration needs and work visa for Canada, do contact Swis Immigration and team. Let your wings soar high to your dreams.

We at Swis immigration make sure that all our clients are provided with the best service in a clear, transparent, and comprehensive way. Our sole emphasis is on the quality of the service and its utmost utility to our clients.

We consider, analyze every need of our client. We come up with functional and absolute solution that guarantees success and satisfaction.Swis Immigration being an CICC member could provide a helping hand with multiple visa services.

Our consultant, services are approved by the Government of India and Canada. This adds to factor of reliability and authenticity. Swis Immigration believes in analyzing the task, comprehending them, division the right stage, and then executing them.

Simplicity is the key we chase here. A comprehensive yet simple solution for a problem is what we strive for. Our aim is to provide with streamlined service that makes the entire process smooth and achievable by anybody.

Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the Bureau of Immigration (India) License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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