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Work Visa

Work and settle abroad

Do you want to create a career and life abroad? Together with the world's leading overseas career specialists and a number one work visa agent, Swis immigration have helped thousands of people and families settle within the world's most liveable countries. We've seen firsthand how moving abroad can dramatically improve not just the migrant's life, but that of their family and fogeys. Moreover, with our comprehensive overseas career solutions, we are the best for professionals seeking to figure abroad.

End to finish job search services

Swis Immigration has streamlined the steps involved in working abroad to form your journey smoother. Our process is aimed toward making your profile more accessible, attractive and interesting. Our services of skilled worker visa begin with helping to create a resume that meets international standards and assist you to craft an enticing LinkedIn profile. We then market your profile within the countries of your choice and work to urge you to interview calls. A fanatical Job Search consultant will work with you on your international career, guiding you through the method.

Our job search services include the following:

Job Search Strategy Report: With the assistance of experts, we create a comprehensive report that supported your profile and chooses on positioning it in your target country with skilled worker immigration

Opportunity Research: We identify industry trends and job sources to urge you more job offers. We assist you to modify your profile to present it on different platforms Job Applications: We, therefore, register your profile on various portals and job sites and even apply to relevant job postings on your behalf

Why work abroad?

Working abroad through federal skilled worker can dramatically transform your life and career. Working abroad with skilled worker visa is the perfect option for you if you propose to:

  • Grow your career and have international mobility
  • Earn dollar salaries resulting in higher saving
  • Live in well-developed countries
  • Have access to world-class education & health care
  • Gain access to citizen benefits
  • Get a stronger passport that facilitates international travel
  • Transform your family's life

How Swis Immigration can assist?

Lots of interesting indivisible approach Swis Immigration per annum to assist them to realize their overseas career ambitions. Our suite of services includes:

  • Resume Writing Services: Just make sure that your resume meets international standards and showcases your strengths
  • LinkedIn Marketing: Improve chances of getting discovered online by recruiters and corporations with our LinkedIn marketing solutions
  • Resume Marketing: The interested indivisible are required to a job in the target country's job market, with our Resume Marketing services that apply for jobs on your behalf through overseas job boards, classifieds & job postings.

With Swis Immigration, the applicants not only discover opportunities that are best fitted to them but also get the tools and knowledge to assist with the very best chances of success.

Consultations for prospective immigrants

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