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Lithuania tourist visa

All about the country

Though the people of Lithuania are very gracious and hospitable in nature, the country experiences a low temperature in the winters and for such reasons the country is thought to be a chilled country. Lithuania is considered colder than many other countries as it is almost the Arctic Circle. Though the mountain scenery of Lithuania is not very surprising, the country also has got a couple of beaches. Lithuania is being attracted by tourists because of the mix of mountains and beaches. Moreover, six per cent of the contribution to the GDP is given by the tourism industry of the country and the number of tourists every year is 1.5 million tourists and for a small country, the number is considerable. These tourists might include medical tourists also as the medical service sector is considered one of the most budget-friendly in entire Europe.

Lithuania Tourist visa

Lithuania Visa Application Process

A Lithuania online visa application might involve a significant amount of hassle as the visitor is required to download the application form first and then, he has to fill in the application online because the handwritten application or manually filled application form is not at all considered for Lithuania tourist visa application and is always suggested to be filled electronically.

The Lithuania online visa application is only submitted and undergone processing at the Embassy of Lithuania which is situated in New Delhi. Except this, nowhere else is the Lithuania tourist visa submitted and processed.

With the help of a representative, you could book an appointment and this meeting will be conducted in New Delhi at the Embassy of Lithuania. Moreover, one applicant can go on one appointment only in order to get a tourist visa Lithuania. You need to bring a set of documents that are needed for the appointment and the visa officer might ask for it. The application form is going to be filled by the applicant with the following information for getting a Lithuania tourist visa:

  • The name of the applicant that has been mentioned on the passport
  • The applicant's passport number needed
  • Invitation number required which is submitted through EPIS data.
  • Appointment date

In order to apply for a Lithuania tourist visa, you need to appear for a face to face appointment which is held at the Embassy of Lithuania in New Delhi only.

At length, the visitor is going to get a receipt for the fees paid by him during the procedure and along with a verification number that is given to the applicant to see the status of the application for a Lithuania tourist visa.

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