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The country is situated in the Southern part of the European continent and is well known for its food, beaches and delightful countryside. Apart from this, the country is recognised for golf activities and surfing. For getting a Portugal tourist visa, you might need to know all the specific requirements in order to achieve success.

A short term visitor visa Portugal is needed to visit the country. The duration of such a visa is 3 months at the max. The short-term Portugal tourist visa is also known as the Schengen visa which provides entry to multiple countries without having another visa. As a part of the Schengen agreement, this Schengen visa is valid for all the European Union countries and Portugal is among those Schengen countries.

Portugal Tourist visa

The visitor is allowed to visit and roam in the country on a tourist visa Portugal and could also travel to other Schengen countries, be it any.


  • Any old passport(if you have)
  • A valid passport, the validity of which should be of at least three months
  • Passport size photographs needed
  • Signed and filled application form
  • Hotel bookings proof
  • Flight bookings and the activities to be done by the applicant while staying in the country
  • Tour ticket copy
  • Provide proof that reveals your financial stability to support your stay in the country
  • Medical insurance is required to be done prior to travelling which should amount to at least 30,000 euros for any medical emergencies
  • A letter describing the aim of your visit to the concerned country
  • Accommodation evidence
  • Marital status proof be it marriage certificate or birth certificate of children
  • Invitation letter from the person whom you have planned to visit which should mention the address and telephone number also.
  • 6 months old bank statement

While applying for the Portugal tourist visa, kindly make sure to carry all the specific documents and ensure that you pay all the fee for the visa.

How Swis Immigration could help you through this Portugal tourist visa?

  • Provide a checklist of all the required documentation
  • Help on letting you know the funds' requirement that is needed to be shown in order to support your stay in the country
  • Help in filling the application form
  • Check all the documentation prior to the visa application

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