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USA B1 Visa

The country is put forth for mainly two reasons. Primarily, for tourist and also for seeking jobs and an outstanding place to start out a new business.

This B1 visa USA permits individuals to visit the country for business purposes.

USA B1 Visa
The following activities could be done by USA B1 visa holders
  • Contracts could be negotiated
  • Are allowed to consult with business associates
  • They could also settle the estates
  • Could attend events like conferences, educational, professional or business

There are a couple of benefits of having this visa which includes repeatedly entering the country for business purposes and could also establish business relationships with US businessmen.

Moreover, the applicant is also allowed to apply for an extension of the stay in the country.

Necessary criteria for being eligible for a B1 Business visa

The visa requirements of B1 visa USA are not that strict as compared to the other US visas but to get the visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant has to visit the country for business purpose only
  • Should provide financial status proof
  • Should prove strong ties to his home country

The B1 visa USA will be definitely granted to the applicant if he meets the criteria mentioned above and provides all the valid documents along with the application for this visa.

Steps to be followed to apply for B1 visa USA

In order to get a B1 visa USA, the applicants need to follow the following steps:

  • Completed and filed Form DS-160.
  • Pay the B1 visa USA application fees.
  • Schedule B1 visa interview.
  • Prepare B1 visa USA documents file to process the procedure.
  • Attend the interview and wait for the result.

Why choose Swis Immigration?

This visa of US immigration could prove to be time-consuming and complex. In order to keep a check of all your documents that have been attached to the application for a B1 visa USA, we will provide you with full assistance regarding your application file. The most common mistake that is generally made is an incomplete submission of the application file and that is the reason behind getting denial of the visa application.

Most importantly, no refund will be made if the visa application gets denied by the delegated visa officer.

Benefits of preparing US immigration file from Swis Immigration:

  • Straightforward procedure to be followed by our experts to book your B1 visa USA appointment
  • Complete application file to be submitted by us.
  • Thorough guidance of the entire process of B1 visa application.
  • Travel Concierge to be provided by us.
  • In case the application is denied, we help you get travel protection with covers all your financial loss.
  • End to end visa guidance to help you enter the country successfully

For more information on B1 visa USA, you may contact us at and we will catch you shortly.

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