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Australia Family Visa

Reunite with your loved ones with Australia family visa

Through the dependent Australia family visa program, Australia allows international learners and professionals to call their families to Australia. Swis immigration can assist the applicant to create an impeccable application package for family-sponsored visa Australia that gets loved ones to Australian shores faster.

Australia Family Visa


Subclass 309 visa Partner provisional family visa Australia

This Australia family visa enables either permanent resident of Australia, citizens of Australia, or a qualified citizen of New Zealand to temporarily stay within Australia as a de facto partner or spouse. The primary step towards a permanent Partner Visa (subclass 100) is to urge this family visa Australia.

The applicant must be in a genuine relationship with the spouse or de facto partner in Australia while applying for the family-sponsored visa Australia.

Features of the Subclass 309 Australia family visa:

  • This is a short-lived/temporary family visa Australia
  • By getting this visa, the applicant will get the permanent partner visa
  • Applicants are required to be outside Australia at the time of application

Advantages of a Subclass 309 family visa Australia:

The Subclass 309 family visa Australia holder

  • Are allowed to work in Australia
  • Can study in Australia
  • Can travel to and from Australia as repeatedly as required
  • May attend up to 510 hours of free English classes provided by the Adult Migrant English Program
  • Could make use of Australia's public health care scheme, Medicare
  • Family members, including dependent children, are often included within the application and their visas are going to be approved provided they meet health and character requirements.

Duration of stay:

The tenure of stay for Australia family visa is going to be temporary till a choice has arrived at the permanent Partner visa subclass 100 application or if the appliance is withdrawn. Moreover, the tenure of stay is usually between 15 to 24 months.

For student dependants:

If they're coming to Australia to review, eligible to bring their relations. They'll either include them with the original student visa application otherwise apply for his or her visas once they start their course in Australia in order that they will join the student as dependants. Spouses, partners and unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent Australia family visas.

The most student visa holders must have a minimum of 12 months validity on the visa and necessary funds and insurance to hide all expenses for this era.

If they're applying for an Australia family visa, submit the subsequent documents:

  • Form 919, Nomination of student dependants
  • Form 157A, Application for a student visa
  • A letter from one among your teachers stating
  • Name of your course
  • Length of the course and expected completion date
  • Satisfying all the course requirements
  • Proof of financial support of dependent relations
  • Proof of family ties like a marriage certificate or certificate
  • Proof of faculty enrollment of school-aged children
  • Proof of insurance for dependants

For post-study work dependants:

The Post Study Work visa holder must show proof of employment and necessary funds alongside other documents like relationship proof and Police Clearance Certificate

For work visa dependants:

Australia offers various child visa categories to assist immigrants to bring their biological child, adopted child or stepchild in the country. The parent must be either a PR visa holder or a citizen.

A child that's born in Australia automatically receives Australian citizenship if one among the oldsters is an Australian citizen or holds an Australian PR.

The Dependent Child Visa in Australia consists of 4 subclasses, they are:

  • Child Visa 101
  • Child Visa 102
  • Child Visa 802
  • Child Visa 445

Your child is going to be eligible for a dependent Australia family visa, under the subsequent conditions:

  • The Person is an Australian citizen
  • Hold a permanent resident visa for Australia
  • A citizen of New Zealand

Benefits of the Australia Child Visa

  • The child can travel indefinitely to Australia
  • The child learns the proper to review and complete his education in Australia
  • The child is eligible for an Australian citizenship

Child Visa 101 Australia

Children having either one or both biological parents residing in Australia are eligible for this child visa. Moreover, a toddler can accept the oldsters within the country on this visa.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The child must be under 18 years of age
  • He must change a state outside Australia
  • Visa application must be initiated within the home country
  • The child must be residing outside Australia at the time of application

If you're coming to Australia on a piece visa, your dependent relations are eligible to hitch you on dependent visas.

If you're coming to Australia on a short-lived worker visa, only your spouse or de facto partner and any unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent family visas.

If you're coming to Australia on a migrant worker or business visa, any dependent relations are eligible to hitch you including:

  • Spouse or de facto partner
  • Any children under the age of 25
  • Aged dependent relatives like parents or grandparents.
  • The employer of the Work Visa holder must sponsor the dependants alongside fulfilling insurance and Police Clearance Certificate requirements

Carer Visa

You (or your spouse) can sponsor an individual who is aged over 18 years to remain in Australia to assist you if you've got a long-term or permanent medical condition if

  • Cannot look after yourself or manage a normal lifestyle due to your medical condition.
  • Have no relatives in Australia who can look after you.
  • Cannot get the required care from Australia's health services.

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