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Study in Sweden

Education System

Study in Sweden offers a degree as well as a course which means two separate things. In order to study in Sweden, a course of study at the universities in Sweden will be made from many courses in an opted degree. Moreover, these courses are the foundation as well as the building blocks of each study program predicted to study in Sweden. Certain universities in Sweden provide Master's degree programmes which open up chances so that international students could gain experience of working while learning. Coursework is included in many technical courses to be studied in Sweden that has a close relationship with the industry which assists learners to get both theoretical and practical knowledge. With regard to study in Sweden, students are willing to take internships that are offered by the universities so that they may undertake part-work jobs as well associated with the course they are studying.

Study in SwedenRequirements for study in Sweden

In order to study in Sweden, there are a variety of degrees available which are being taught in the English language as the country's second language is considered to be English only, which suggests that the international students could get unlimited opportunities with regard to study programs.

All the courses provided to study in Sweden have a minimum requirement of academic score to be at least 60 per cent and above in the past studies. Diploma and foundation courses are given to those students having an aggregate of 50 per cent in their previous studies. Moreover, the student should be of at least 18 years of age prior to commencing study in Sweden. Albeit, entry requirements are lower but the standards are not at the universities in Sweden.

Below are the essential requirements for all the programmes offered by universities in Sweden for study visa Sweden.

Bachelor Degree's basic eligibility for study in Sweden:

  • Should have completed higher secondary studies
  • Should be proficient in English as per the Swedish requirements that's like the Swedish upper secondary course English 6
  • The student should have completed courses in mathematics to succeed in the extent of the Swedish courses

Master's Degree basic requirements:

  • Should have completed a Bachelor's degree from an internationally recognised university
  • Good proficiency within the English, i.e. IELTS or TOEFL

PhD Degree basic requirements to study in Sweden:

  • Should have a university completion bachelor or master's degree within the same field because the intended field of study from an internationally recognized institution
  • Previous education should include a degree thesis as you are needed to present it at the time of the application process to the university
  • Proficiency in English required and little knowledge of the Swedish language because the Swedish language as some lectures and seminars could be conducted in Swedish

Documents Required for study in Sweden

The following documents also got to be submitted for study in Sweden
  • Mark sheets of previous studies and the bachelor's degree
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • Results of Swedish language test TISUS just for enrollment for programs.
  • If you've got work experience then two letters of advice from the employer/manager who knows you well and may discuss your professional abilities.
  • Motivation Letter
  • Resume/CV
  • The portfolio only in the case of scholars applying for art courses
  • Others like Certificates and achievements
  • Proof of funds
  • Health insurance
  • A copy of your passport
  • Photocopies of those documents should be translated into English and authorized by the tutorial institution

Admission process

Universities in Sweden accept applications through Universityadmissions.se, a web enrolment system.

Application fee:

All colleges require that you simply pay an application fee while applying the admission into the institution. Moreover, the fee will vary according to the course being applied to, in order to study in Sweden


The basic steps to apply for study in Sweden admission are as follows:

  • You are required to search for colleges and courses
  • Contact schools and visit websites for information
  • Narrow down your list of faculties
  • You are required to take the language exams be it TOEFL or IELTS
  • Write Motivation letters, Essay and invite Letters of advice
  • Apply to the universities which suit your interests
  • Appear for video interviews of the universities that shortlisted you
  • If accepted, apply for a short-lived Residence Permit

Motivation Letter

A motivation letter, also known as SOP is basically an introduction to the institution by the international student in order to study in Sweden which particularly illustrates the rationale of the student to apply to this particular program and college. It should demonstrate why the student should be accepted by the university and is the perfect fit for the institution. The design of this letter might be casual but should reflect your personality as well as your positive intention to study in that institution.


Essays are always considered a crucial part of a student's admission process as they include aspirations, skills, experience, strengths and weaknesses and reasons for choosing this institution. Moreover, a student is advised to write one or two essays in particular alongside which he could write many optional essays as well.


LoR is basically a reference letter which is written by the third person which states the qualities and capabilities of the concerned person in order to recommend him to the institution that he will meet all the requirements of the school positively. Thus, this third person should be a professor of a previous school, manager or principal.

Intake seasons

Universities in Sweden offer two intakes every year namely the Autumn semester and the spring. The deadline for the former semester is typically mid-January while the latter semester finishes in mid-August. The admissions begin in the month of October in the forthcoming year.

Language exams

IELTS and TOEFL have been concerned as the standardised language proficiency tests for study in Sweden, which needs to be taken prior to admission to high schools in Sweden as it a basic entry requirement. Moreover, these are different in formats, results and structure. The result of these tests might vary but are accepted by all the universities so it depends on the student which test to appear for..

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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