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Business Innovation and Investment Subclass 888 visa

This particular Australia business visa is a business PR Australia visa for business migrants. Businessmen who have got 188 visa Australia could apply for this Australia business visa and could make themselves eligible for Business PR Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment Subclass 888 Visa

Moreover, the applicants need to have the nomination of Queensland state as it is required prior to lodging their visa application to the Australian department of immigration and Border Protection. For being eligible to apply for Australia business visa, an individual must apply under any of the following streams of subclass 188 visa:

  • The business innovation stream
  • Investor stream
  • Significant investor stream
There are three streams associated with Business visa Australia (subclass 888) and have been written below:
  • 888 Business innovation stream (Permanent): Innovation stream helps to get business PR Australia to the individuals having subclass 188 visa Australia
  • 888 Business investor stream (Permanent): This stream of 188 visa Australia helps people get business PR Australia.
  • 888 Significant investor stream (Permanent): This is another way of getting business PR Australia for the ones holding 188 visa Australia.

Validity of Australia business visa

The business PR Australia visa helps people to stay and work in the country on a permanent basis. They are allowed to enter the country indefinitely for a period of five years. Adding more, the holders of such visa could also be allowed to let their relatives accompany them to the country.

Moreover, they are given an opportunity to enrol in the Medicare scheme of Australia in order to get healthcare coverage.

How does it work?

The business PR Australia permits the candidate to run and manage a business in the country. In order to qualify for this, the applicants need not have to satisfy the points. Also, there is no age limit as such. The prime requirement for this business visa Australia is that the applicant has to stay in the country for at least 160 days in the past 4 years along with having 188 visa Australia.

This visa holder could extend their Australia business visa after satisfying the eligibility requirements that relate to the extension of their visa and the extension of visa is given up to two years at the maximum.

Eligibility criteria associated with Business immigration Australia

  • The need to satisfy the requirements of 188 visa Australia along with your selected stream.
  • The applicant needs to hold a subclass 188 visa Australia first in order to get business PR Australia.
  • Need to meet the essential requirements of Australia business visa before applying
  • There needs to be no involvement or engagement in any of the unacceptable business.
  • Need to present satisfactory evidence of complying with the laws and regulations of Australia.
  • They have to be nominated by the state of Australia.
  • The heath and character requirements need to be met in order to be eligible for Australia business visa.

Procedure length

In order to apply for subclass 888 visa that is for business PR Australia which requires the applicant to have 188 visa Australia already. The time interval associated with business visa Australia is generally between six to twelve months.

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