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Reopening borders of Canada.

Reopening borders of Canada | News, Canada is committing to open the borders for tourists who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. more info contact by Swis Immigration.


Exemption been given by the Canadian government from medical examination to few immigrants

With the help of this blog of Swiss Immigration, we can get more information about the medical faculty and exemption from medical examination given by the Canadian government, then click immediately.


When will Canada be admitting travellers from India?

Swis immigration has started easing travel restrictions, with the restriction still extended for Indian travelers. Know the rules of travel in Canada & Canada admitting travelers.


Estimated Relief in Immigration from 5 July 2021

Indian Government is now giving some relief in Immigration service. These privileges will only be ascertained by the individuals who had been fully vaccinated


Pathways of Canadian Permanent Residency for Hong Kong residents

Pathways of Canadian Permanent Residency for Hong Kong residents Canada has made this policy to facilitate the residents of Hong Kong so that the eligible candidates.


Canada prioritizes candidates: CRS drops down to 380 and is inviting 5956 candidates

A new express entry draw was conducted by Canada inviting individuals to apply for Canadian permanent residency with CRS 380.


Commentators put questions to Centre’s efficacy theory of single-dose Covid vaccination

Canada Immigration and Tourist Visa, PR Canada. If you want to immigrate to Canada easily and get all the information you need contact Swiss Immigration.


First International Student Stream held by Ontario

The best Ontario International Student, Tourist Visa, and Employer job offer streams are invited by OINP (Ontario Immigrant Enrollment Program).