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Italy is a European country which is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean. Moreover, the nation has many famous buildings including many castles and palaces, also a long coastline with beautiful lakes and cliffs.

In Italy, tourism adds a serious portion to the economy of the country and many tourists come to study and visit Italy.

There are certain requirements of tourist visa Italy which you need to know beforehand.

A short-term visa of 90 days is needed in order to visit an Italy tourist visa. Schengen visa is referred to as the short-term visa given to travel in Italy. Schengen visa is valid for all the countries where you do not need to show your passport while entering another Schengen country and Italy is one of the Schengen countries.

With the help of this Schengen visa, you could visit Italy and 26 nations that have been in the Schengen area.

Italy Tourist visa

Italy visa application procedure

For an Italy tourist visa, you need to submit a valid passport and the Italy tourist visa and details of return flight tickets. The documents list required for tourist visa Italy and the Schengen visa are written as follows:

  • Your passport needs to be valid for at least three months and should last less than ten years invalidation
  • Passport should also have two blank pages at least
  • One coloured photograph needed
  • All the necessary documents list both copies as well as originals
  • Flight details of return tickets
  • Hotel booking details of Tourist visa Italy
  • Application fees required to be paid while applying
  • A filled up online form.
  • Required to have an appointment between three months and fifteen days before your departure date.
  • You need to have an appointment between three and a half months before your travelling date
  • You are required to check your file, pay the fees, deposit the passport and give biometric along with a photograph at the service centre

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