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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

This province of Canada is regarded as the most powerful economy which attracts immigrants from across the world. Alberta is particularly famous for its forestry, agriculture, education, tourism, hospitality and fossil energy industries and manufacturing industries. It also offers job opportunities to many individuals

Alberta PNP Program

This province catches the attention of numerous people in the country over recent years. The individuals get attracted for the reason being that Alberta ascertains the wealth of job opportunities along with a high standard of living. Over recent years, the capital city of Edmonton and Calgary showed economic growth.

The number of foreigners staying in the country who have temporary status could get a combined result of the number of jobs created by the economy. Moreover, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has been the country's most common immigrant recruitment programs which provide individuals with a great opportunity to get Canadian permanent residency and this opportunity is given to all the skilled workers and entrepreneurs. The processing time of AINP has dropped down to six months.

This program is also known as an economic immigrant program that helps people nominate for Canada PR. The job shortages should be filled with the nominees or they could buy a new or existing business. They also have to provide the family information at the time of filling their immigration application. The government of the province and the country passed the nomination of this program.

If the applicants get nominated within the Alberta Nominee immigrant program, the candidates further get eligible for applying for Permanent residency status along with their spouse and the dependent children. All the permanent residency applications are managed by the IRCC. Additionally, the final decision lies upon the federal government of Canada.

The permanent residency status is only received by the applicants through the Provincial Nomination of the province and these applicants are those who have been able to successfully immigrate to Canada with the help of Provincial Nomination. Following requirements are to be fulfilled to be eligible for AINP:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance
  • Biometrics
  • Security Checks
  • Federal Checks

AINP categories

  1. Alberta Express Entry Streams: This program permits Alberta to nominate certain individuals who could become meaningful members of the province and could meet the requirement of Alberta Express Entry. The ones who have proved their strong ties to the province and those who could increase their province's economy will be given chance to submit their application with the help of the Nomination of Interest. The nomination could also be done from the international graduates who have completed their education from Alberta.
  2. There are certain requirements for qualifying for this stream of AINP which needs language proficiency of at least 7 bands and for Comprehensive Ranking Score, the applicants must have at least 300 points in it. One year of work experience is needed at least which could also extend up to two years. The average processing time for this AINP stream is six to eight months.

  3. The Alberta Opportunity Stream: This stream of AINP permits only those workers to immigrate to Canada who has employed full-time in the province and is willing to stay in the province and get permanent residency in Canada with the help of Alberta Provincial Nominee Program.
  4. This stream of AINP does not need any Comprehensive Ranking Score but needs one year of work experience. The minimum education needed is a high school diploma or certificate and the processing time lies between six to eight months.

  5. The International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream: This immigration stream permits international post-graduate students who hold work permits and hold at least six months of business experience. Moreover, they need to have qualified education from the University of Alberta. The requirements of the international graduate entrepreneur immigration stream include no express entry profile. They also do not need any job offer letter. The work experience required is of six months active participation in owning and operating a business. No settlement funds are required for such an immigration stream of AINP.
  6. Self-employed Farmer stream: This stream of AINP was established to help foreigners to commence their own farm business. This stream of Alberta permits experienced farm businessmen to immigrate to Canada to own their farms in Canada. With the help of the AINP stream, the farm owners could get permanent residency in Canada. The basic requirements for AINP are written as follows:
    • Education;
    • Experience;
    • Funds; and
    • Language skills

In order to get more information on AINP, you can write to us your queries at info@swisimmigration.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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