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L1 intracompany transfer visa

This US immigration visa is a temporary based visa for work in the USA. The L-1 visa permits transfer of internal faculty members with the help of a corporate group from the present location to the US.

This visa is applied as an international assignment by the applicants. Moreover, the L1 intra-company transfer visa could also be applied to be a part of the installation assignment of US customer facilities or in a long-term project.

L1 intracompany transfer visa

Entry requirements of L1 intra-company transfer visa

The L1 visa is particularly tied to a business which means that the applicant of a company in the US might seek a long-term employee for work. Most importantly, the applicant needs to fulfil an eligibility requirement for getting the visa i.e, they should have an existing site in the US with the company. Apart from this, the company of the US might be actively working for at least one year before the application has to be submitted. Under a USA L-1 visa, the applicant needs to have worked with the US company exclusively before submitting the application.

The L-1 visa is mainly issued to the internal staff of an organisation only and to get eligible for this L1 intra-company transfer visa, the evidence must also be as long as the employment of that applicant is concerned.

Since the L-1 visa is issued to internal staff transfers within a corporation, proof must be as long as there's a qualifying link between a far off-site where the worker is currently employed and therefore the proposed U.S. site (the hosting business unit), in order that the staff transfer can happen.

The subsequent mentioned are the qualifying situations for L1 visa
  • 50% stake has to be held by the parent company in the subsidiary that is in the US.
  • The same parent company needs to hold a 50 per cent stake in both of the companies that have been affiliated with the parent company

Through a serious ownership stake, both the companies have to be logically linked to each other. For a minimum of one year, the applicant applying for L1 intra-transfer company should be employed within the organisation. The designation to the employee should be a regular contractual relationship. The employee needs to actively work as either a manager, a specialist or an executive and should be intended to work as per his previous experience in the US company as well.

L1 visa validity

The application for this visa could be permitted for a period of three years and could be extended to 2 years and a maximum of seven years.

Primarily, the applicant could be given a visa for one year only and could be extended thereto. These extensions could be granted for either 5 years or 7 years.

Application process

The application of the L1 visa USA could be submitted by mail to the US citizenship and Immigration services. The procedure of L1 intra-transfer company visa involves extensive documentation. These documents are details about the US company, documents ascertaining the qualifications of the applicant along the future employment of the employee. As soon as the petition is approved for the L-1 visa USA, the company will get a notice by mail of approval.

Then, at last, a meeting will be conducted by the embassy officer which would declare the result associated with the L-1 visa USA application. This interview will be scheduled in the home country of the company.

With regard to getting more information about L1 visa USA, you can contact us at info@swisimmigration.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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