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Swis Immigration Success Story

We represent immigration applicants residing in any part of the World. Swis immigration services and team provides premium, top-rated immigration services and aid for Canada throughout the World. With thorough immigration assessments, we extend our helping hand to friends, families, and all those with immigration services and assorted needs.

Our Vision statement is to be known as a top-notch reliable advisory firm that empowers all our clients and smoothens their process of becoming a global citizen. With concrete goals of serving our clients with state-of-the-art advisory service that is streamlined and simple, our mission statements are strong and grounded on impeccable clientele experience.

Our core values are deeply rooted within the foundations of integrity, honesty, professionalism, collaboration, and accountability that we strive for at every single step. It is our goal to provide simple, comprehensive streamlined services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. The factor of reliability, relevance, and efficiency is always held high in the work ethos.

Our CICC certified professional team is always at your perusal for mitigating and guiding you through any or every query and concern of yours. Everything you need to know about immigration to Canada, Citizenship laws are all provided herewith for the best future outcome.

Our immigration clients often give their valuable feedback when their case is concluded, which would help others to know of similar stories that are genuine, not just what you hear on the streets. Our clientele testimonials are a true testament to our services and with 100% client satisfaction, we are one of the best immigration consultancies in Chandigarh.

Thus, we would like to post a few stories to celebrate our immigration success and offer a bit of comfort to those who wish to soon embark on a similar journey.

Study Visa

Studying in Canada as an international student has always been a desire for foreign nationals and our team of experts has always been helping their applications in achieving their goals. If we talk about the present scenario, the Pandemic has affected almost all the spheres including migration processes as well. Although the process has proved to be a bit slow- going yet success has been achieved in this category.

Most importantly, Swis immigration specializes in handling profiles who have already been refused by the Canadian embassy, be it once or twice. In addition to it, we promise to guide our applicants throughout their entire procedure from acquiring a study visa until they become Permanent residents of that country.

The process of learning or pursuing education abroad is meticulous, to say the least. Everything from college admission guidelines, language proficiency tests, deadlines, financial aid, educational loans, and eligibility tests needs to be planned well ahead of time with prim execution. Swis Immigration could come in handy at such tumultuous times and for the top universities in Canada, you can enquire here.

Work Permit

Work permit offered by Canada has always been a debatable issue and usually, people have a lot of queries about this category. Undoubtedly, Swis Immigration has achieved success in Canadian work permits as well and we feel proud to discuss our recent profiles who have got visas successfully under this category.

To cite an example: A client namely Gurwinder Singh, employed as a truck driver in Dubai, has now been recruited at the same designation in Canada with the help of our team. Lovepreet Singh completed his study in New Zealand and had recently migrated to Canada with a valid work permit of two years.

Your work visa to Canada can no longer be a huge hassle with our World Class services. We have a clear, streamlined process for creating a resume in accordance with international standards and then marketing them appropriately to the right countries to help you embark on your international career.

Business Immigration with Investment program

It is widely believed that Canada is one of the top 10 easiest countries to start a business in. If you would like to invest in your future and immigrate to Canada with your business venture, you have several entrepreneurs and investor visa options available to you, including the general start up visa program and the provincial-specific nominee program.

The main goal of the business Immigration program of Canada Business Visa is to invigorate investment and employment in Canada eventually leading to the successful establishment of the business. If you are successful with your business immigration application, you and your family can move to Canada together.

Swis immigration’s one of the satisfied clients Mr. Saxena invested $2.4 million and is now earning between 30 to 40 thousand dollars per month.The Categorical approach of Business Visa in Canada is well understood by our experts and team hereby could guide you through your business and Visa requirements. With our professional team’s help, all our clients are very duly served with the best service.

Canadian PR

As Canada is recovering from the economic impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic, immigration is likely to become more important than ever. Even during the crisis, Canada continues to bring in new permanent residents who have qualified the restrictions were put in place, as well as temporary foreign workers crucial to the country’s food supply.

The journey of Permanent Residency is not a very straight one. Every individual could have different requirements and processes based on the route the person is pursuing forward with. With an experienced immigration professional and their ample communication, and support you could fulfill this dream of yours

Our team had been successful in letting numerous people acquire Permanent residency in Canada. Though it proves to be a time-consuming procedure, the goals have been achieved by Swis Immigration. Canadian Permanent Residency is typically issued for a duration of five years and listed with its validity and expiration. Even if there are any errors reported on the same reissue could be possible.

With our best class immigration services, we have helped thousands of people achieve their dream of settling in Canada. Our testimonials assure this fact and all our clients are extremely grateful for the fine opportunity that they have received with us.

We have the distinction of being the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh. That makes us responsible to live up to customer expectations. We strive to continuously improve ourselves. Thus, we provide more value for our clients’ time and money.

Our success stories are accounts of people who come to us with a dream. They come with great expectations; sometimes even with their last hopes pinned on us. Helping them realize their goals overseas creates a bond of a lifetime with them. Their testimonials help others understand the relevance of the work we do.

With our customer executives and staff are promptly listening to the client’s needs, we patiently guide the client through the entire process for all types of visa processing. Our staff is knowledgeable and aware of the best path ahead for each customer.

Our processes and charges are quite transparent. Every process guidance provided and the fees for services are reasonable. We offer genuine and workable options to a customer rather than denying him/her service.

We do skill and eligibility assessments for our clients with all integrity. At no point do we offer shortcuts to clients to bypass any rules. Our coaching and guidance are enough to help clients gain skills and confidence.

Our concierge services focus on helping our clients get through important document submissions. With our service in place, they can now rest assured that their work is not delayed. Practically, it’s a huge advantage that we offer to the customer.

We keep our success streak going with quality services to our clients.

You can also listen to what our clients say about their experience with Swis Immigration.

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