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Yukon Immigration

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program of Yukon Immigration is an initiative that is jointly run by the provincial government of Yukon and the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) which assists in bringing up business owners and international skilled workers in order to contribute to the economic welfare of the Yukon.

Yukon Immigration

The Yukon Provincial Nominee Program of Yukon Immigration allows you to reside in the Yukon and work permanently within the province providing you the power and therefore the wherewithal to form a positive contribution to the economic and social growth of Yukon Immigration. The Yukon PNP is run via various streams that are sponsored by the provincial government, which invites applications for Yukon immigration.

Yukon was formerly named the Yukon Territory. The province is found on the northwestern side of Canada and is a neighborhood of high plateaus and mountains. Alongside this, it shares boundaries to the east with the Northwest Territories, to the South with British Columbia and therefore, Alaska to the west. Thus, immigrants who want to move to Yukon can do so with the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program of Yukon Immigration.

The province is particularly known for its abundance of mineral wealth, sparse population, and enormous areas of unspoiled wilderness. Over two-thirds of the entire population in Yukon sleep in Whitehorse, the capital city. As a matter of fact, nearly one-third of the population is of aboriginal origin and the remainder of the population is formed from European descendants or of mixed aboriginal and immigrant descent. Moreover, 310 immigrant families made the province their new range in the year 2019 by securing permanent residency through the Yukon PNP of Yukon immigration.

Eligibility requirements for Yukon PNP – Express Entry Stream

You can apply for Yukon immigration through the Yukon Express Entry. You are required to fulfil the subsequent criteria to use for this stream

1. Have a legitimate job offer from an employer within the province which corresponds to either A, O or B categories within the NOC for Yukon PNP.

2. Need to be accepted a minimum of one among the federal economic Yukon Express Entry programs travelled by the Canadian government.

a. Required to provide your Yukon Express Entry profile number and employment seeker code for an equivalent Our consultants will guide through this process.

1. The employer should be ready to prove that there's no other equally qualified permanent resident or Canadian citizen within Yukon who would be willing to figure within the same position.

2. The Applicant should illustrate that simply have sufficient funds, as set by the Canadian government, supporting the members of a family accompanying you.

Eligible for Yukon PNP – trained worker Stream

The Applicant can work for the trained worker stream of Yukon PNP if the position plan to fill while working within Yukon falls under the NOC categories i.e. A, O, B. The Applicant is required to meet the subsequent conditions to go to Yukon immigration under this stream.

  1. The Applicant is required to hold a high school diploma or certificate from a Canadian or equivalent international institution
  2. Transcripts and certification should be verified by an independent ECA that has been recognized by the Canadian government
  3. Skills and work experience should belong to A level that satisfies the needs for the occupation that simply shall take up once the applicant arrive within the province.
  4. The Applicant is required to have a minimum of six months of relevant work experience for the role he is planning to fill within the province.
  5. If have been already working in Canada at the time of filing application, the applicant could maintain a piece permit that is still valid throughout the application process
  6. If the applicant already residing in Canada on a study permit, he needs to provide proof of studies for a minimum of one year
  7. The Applicant should be ready to illustrate to have a sufficient level of English or French language proficiency

Eligibility requirements for Yukon immigration – Critical Skills Worker Stream

Under the stream of Yukon immigration, the applicant can apply for nomination for Canada PR through Yukon Express Entry from the province of Yukon if he is working in an occupation that's classified under NOC categories C or D. The applicant required to fulfill the subsequent criteria for applying under this stream of Yukon PNP.

  1. Required to complete a minimum of high school level of education for Yukon PNP
  2. Transcripts should be verified by an ECA recognized by the Canadian government for Yukon immigration
  3. Need to have sufficient work experience which will correspond to the work, will be taking over within the province of Yukon if successfully nominated for Yukon PNP
  4. Required to prove your proficiency in either English or French language

Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP)

The YBNP of Yukon immigration is meant for international applicants who have the business skills and the bona fide intention to have and manage a business within the province of Yukon. Under this program of Yukon immigration, they could demonstrate their ability to manage a business and also show that they have sufficient net worth to take a position on fixing or purchasing a business within Yukon for Yukon PNP.

Moreover, if the application is chosen, then they will receive a piece permit for a duration of two years, during which they allow arriving within the province to line up your business.
At the end of the time period, they could apply for Yukon permanent residence after satisfying all criteria for fixing a successful business in Yukon.
The applicants are required to fulfill the subsequent minimum conditions for applying under this program of Yukon PNP.

Applicants are required to score a minimum of 65 points on the Yukon provincial Nominee program Assessment Grid

  1. Required to obtain a minimum of Level 6 within the IELTS for English and level 4 within the Test d’Evaluation De Francais for French language
  2. Need to have gained a minimum of three years of experience in owning and managing a business,
  3. Need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in an occupation that's associated with the business that simply shall find out.
  4. Applicants are required to possess a minimum of 500,000 Canadian dollars in net worth out of which 300,000 Canadian dollars are quick assets.

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