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Yukon Immigration

The Yukon Provincial Nominee Program is run by both the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the provincial government of Yukon helping people to bring in their businesses to the province to increase their economy.

Yukon Immigration

Yukon immigration has allowed this program to help people who have a desire to stay in the province and work and settle permanently in Yukon in order to let them contribute to the economic and social uplift of the province. Yukon was formerly known as the Yukon Territory and the Yukon PNP is run with the help of numerous streams which are sponsored by the provincial government. The Yukon PNP also invites application in the province for Yukon immigration.

Yukon is recognized as being a neighbourhood of mountains and high plateaus and is located on the north-western side of Canada. Yukon shares borders with many provinces namely the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alaska. Thus, the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program of Yukon Immigration helps immigrants to immigrate to Yukon.

Yukon immigration is famous for having mineral wealth, an enormous place of wildness and a sparse population as well. The capital city of Yukon namely Whitehorse has got the maximum population of the province in it.

Express Entry Stream eligibility requirements for Yukon PNP

You are required to meet the following criteria to apply for Yukon immigration through the Yukon Express Entry:

  1. The applicants need to have a valid job offer letter from the employer of Yukon that should correspond to either A, O or B categories of Yukon PNP in the NOC.
  2. Candidates need to be accepted under the federal economic Yukon Express Entry programs that are run by the government of Canada.
  3. The Yukon Express Entry profile number and employment seeker code should be provided by you.
  4. The applicant need to illustrate enough funds for their stay in the province

Trained worker Stream eligibility requirement for Yukon PNP

  1. Individuals need to have a high school diploma or certificate from either a Canadian institution or from any of the equivalent institute
  2. You need to verify your certificates from ECA
  3. You need to have achieved an A level with regard to your work experience and skills that are needed for the occupation
  4. A minimum of six months of work experience is needed for this stream of Yukon PNP

Critical Skills Worker Stream eligibility requirements for Yukon immigration

  1. A minimum of high school level of education is needed for Yukon immigration of this stream.
  2. An ECA should verify your certificates and transcripts to proceed with this stream of Yukon PNP.
  3. Sufficient work experience needs to be corresponded by the applicant if he has been successfully nominated for the Yukon PNP.
  4. Language proficiency has to be proved by the applicant who has been nominated either in French or English language.

Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP) of Yukon PNP

  1. A minimum of 6 bands are required to be taken by the applicant to successfully complete the nomination process in IELTS.
  2. Three years of work experience is needed to be proved by the applicant in operating and owning a business.
  3. Minimum of 5 years of work experience is needed in case the applicant is associated with the business.
  4. A minimum of 500,000 Canadian dollars should be possessed by the applicant

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