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An open work permit

This type of open work permit Canada permits an individual to work for an employer of Canada for a stipulated period of time. In certain open work permit Canada, the type of work and place are restricted upon which the employee has to work upon. The applicants have to apply for Canada open work permit while staying outside of the country prior to their arrival.

Open Work Permit in Canada

The individuals who have been exempted from the LMIAs are issued the Canada open work permits.

The applicants are allowed to immigrate to Canada while having this visa without having a selected job beforehand. You need to fulfil all the eligibility requirements for getting the open work permit Canada as it is not a job-specific visa. The requirements to get this Open work permit in Canada is that proof of suggestion of employment needs to be provided from a Canadian employer who had paid the application fee and the labour Market Impact Assessment also needs to be done for getting Canada open work permit.

The foreign candidates who submit the application for permanent residence in Canada should apply under the spouse or common-law partner class (SCLPC). The candidate applying for this class will be issued the Canada open work permit only if:

  • They have a submitted an application for Permanent Residence under SCLPC
  • The applicant's spouse is a citizen or permanent resident
  • A sponsorship application has been submitted by the spouse on behalf of the applicant
  • The applicant stays at the same address as the spouse
  • Temporary residency status is acquired by the applicant which could be a student, worker or visitor

The two types of Canada open work permits are as follows:

  • Unrestricted This permits the applicant to work anywhere in any occupation
  • Restricted: This type of work permit allows the applicant to restrict a certain occupation
  1. Unrestricted open work permit: This type of work permit allows people to have any kind of work permit anywhere and it could be for any employer also. The medical checkup has to be passed by the applicant who wishes to work under an unrestricted Canada open work permit. The following people are not eligible to be under this category:
    • The applicant who failed a medical test
    • The candidate has got no means of support
    • The applicant belongs to PR applicant groups that have been staying in Canada already
  1. Occupation-restricted open work permit: This category allows applicants to work for any employer of the country but the work they should be doing must be specified. This type of work permit is issued to individuals who were unable to complete their medical checkup. These candidates could not work in health care jobs otherwise they could work anywhere.
  2. The applicant not qualifying for a medical test would not be allowed to work in any of the following jobs:

    • Childcare
    • Primary or lyceum teaching
    • Health services

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