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Study in Latvia

Latvia has been identified as a beautiful country offering picturesque landscapes that features a plethora of lakes, rivers, rolling hills and has got the perfect destination for study in Latvia. Being one of the good study destinations, study in Latvia provides a positive atmosphere for learning. That is the reason why a significant number of Indian citizens wish to study in Latvia. Moreover, the country has got universities and colleges that offer high-quality education to learners coming from across the globe to study in Latvia. Study in Latvia offers international learners a good variety of study programs as well as courses.

Apart from this, Latvia's business sectors put forward umpteen opportunities to Indians as it is remarked as one of the fastest striving economies in Europe and in order to study in Latvia would be a wise decision. Most importantly, the best part to study in Latvia remains its cost-effective fees structure that suits one's budget. Study in Latvia for Indians and international students might be a fraction of the value of standard overseas education.

Study in Latvia

Higher education system in Latvia

Education to study in Latvia is currently running at three separate levels including Municipal, Institutional and National level. Latvian study bases the tutorial programs in Latvian institutions of applied and fundamental science.

Notably, a majority of programs to study in Latvia needs a thesis to be prepared at the end of each and every stage of studies whether the student is pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree. The system and structure associated with the study programs might sound complex in nature but it ascertains that the graduates will definitely have an intense level of competency as soon as they will enter the professional world after completion of their studies.

Why Study in Latvia?

The country supplies a lot to Indian as well as international learners with regard to study in Latvia. In addition to this, the government of Latvia prioritizes education as well as introduces certain reforms to their education system and as a result, students across the globe attend Latvia to enrol in one of the institutions with regard to study in Latvia.

As a matter of fact, the study programs are also financed by the state itself. Additionally, the Latvian government also provides scholarships to deserving students. The Latvian study visa offers two sorts of education programs which are available for international students who have a desire to study in Latvia. These educational programs include Academic and professional. Institutions in Latvia offer these programs very rare to the international learners but there are certain educational institutes which may offer these to the foriegn students.

The study in Latvia follows the structure of the Bologna system that divides the education into Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees. Adding more, students get a bachelor degree after completion of three or four years of normal study. International students acquire a master's degree after successfully getting a bachelor's degree and completing an additional 2 years of education for learners who are eligible for acquiring a doctoral degree program only if they already earned a master's degree.

Latvian study visa consultants in India speak that students prefer study in Latvia due to its low and affordable budget-friendly fees structure. Moreover, living cost as well as tuition fees are relatively low as compared to other countries within the European Union. Top-quality IT and engineering graduates have been studied from the universities and colleges of the country. Hence, graduates with a latvian degree can make use of their degree in the other countries of the EU.

Top ranked institutions in Latvia

It is significant that you may choose an accredited university or institution in Latvia. Most importantly, it should have a license or charter to specifically work given by the acceptable education organization within Latvia. Below given are the highest ranked universities and colleges in Latvia:

  • The university of Latvia:

    This university is a profit earning public education institution which is located in Riga. The institution is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. Adding more, this institution offers programs in varied fields of study.

  • Riga Technical university

    This institution is a non-profit institution which is also found in Riga. It has got a number of branch campuses in Liepaja, Cesis, Ventspils and Daugavpils that provides degrees in Architecture and concrete planning, engineering, computing and knowledge Technology and Electronics and telecommunications, just to call a couple of.

  • Vidzeme university of applied sciences:

    It is also known as a non-profit university which is therefore located in Valmiera. This university renders a selective admission policy that promotes the learners' grades, academic records as well as entrance exams.

  • Turiba University:

    This is another university found within the city of Riga and their campuses provide a chance for Indian and foreign nationals to study in Latvia.

  • The Latvia University of Agriculture:

    This university's location is thus within the suburb of Jelgava which mainly emphasizes forestry, agricultural science and food technology and therefore, permits study in Latvia without IELTS.

Student visa requirements

The interested students who have a desire to study in Latvia and for that certain documents are therefore needed which includes a piece of Work permit along with photographs, a legitimate passport and a Police clearance certificate.

The student willing to study in Latvia needs to elucidate financial means of subsistence which means you need to submit an ingenious bank certificate with at least a sum of Rs. 400,000. Moreover, this has to come from the bank itself with a signature as well as the bank's seal and should demonstrate the concerned student's name, date of birth along passport number.

A study in Latvia should even have an open-end credit from a similar checking account. Thus, the cardboard must be valid for international use and it's significant that the student should simply bring the open-end credit to Latvia to urge a resident permit from the immigration authorities.

In order to get more details on the study in Latvia, you may write to us at info@swisimmigration.com

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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