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Canada Business Investment Program

Canada offers tremendous opportunities to foreigners who want to run and manage business in Canada Thousands of ambitious business people grace our shores per annum and there's certainly no reason why you could not be among them.

The objective of the Business Immigration Program is to encourage investment and employment within the country through the migration of individuals who have the power to successfully establish or invest in a business within the country.

 Canada Business Investment Program

Individuals with business experience and comparatively high net-worth may apply for a business visa under the Canada Business Immigration Program in one among the subsequent four sub-categories:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self Employed Persons
  • PNP Business Programs
  1. Start-up visa investor program

  2. While immigrating to Canada as a business investor, the simplest option available is to choose the overall Start-up Visa Program. The applicant needs to meet certain requirements for application to achieve success by being innovative, creating jobs for Canadians and having the ability to compete internationally.

    Requirements for Investors

    To qualify for the Start-up Visa, applicants must:

    • Have a qualifying business
    • Demonstrate intermediate knowledge in both English and French language test at least 5 bands
    • Get a letter of support from a delegated institution
    • Receive a minimum funding commitment of $200,000 CDN from a delegated risk capital Organization, $75,000 from an approved Business Incubator
    • Bring enough money to settle in Canada.
  3. Entrepreneur Program

  4. Because they create employment opportunities and contribute to the Canadian economy, entrepreneurs are encouraged to adopt this immigration stream. Successful applicants are ready to open a business in Canada, also to gain permanent residence status within the country.

    Requirements for Entrepreneurs

    To qualify for the Entrepreneur Business Immigration Program, applicants must:

    • Establish, purchase or make a considerable investment during a business in Canada within 2 years of landing in Canada which can end in a big contribution to the economy
    • Engage in active and ongoing participation within the management of the business
    • Employ a minimum of one Canadian citizen or permanent resident aside from the entrepreneur and his dependents.
    • To ensure that these conditions are met, entrepreneurs are required to report back to immigration officials their progress, on a daily basis within this two-year period.
  5. Self-Employed Persons Program

  6. This business immigration Canada stream is for those that will either establish or purchase a business visa Canada which will make a "significant" contribution to the economy or the cultural or artistic lifetime of Canada.

    Eligibility under Self-employed persons program:

    • have relevant experience (at least 2 years experience within the last 5 years)
    • be willing and ready to be self-employed in Canada
    • meet the program's selection criteria 35 points at the minimum and
    • meet medical, security and other conditions of business immigration program

    Selection criteria are predicated on the basis of:

    • Experience
    • education
    • age
    • language abilities
    • adaptability
  7. Business PNP programs

  8. Through PNP Business immigration programs, there are numerous investment avenues available across the mentioned below:

    • British Columbia PNP: British Columbia has one of Canada's most flexible, diverse, and competitive economies, making it a major destination for new or expanded business. The province's capital, named Vancouver, is conveniently located to help with global trade routes including the U.S., Asia, and Mexico.
    • Eligibility requirements for business immigration to Canada

      • Entrepreneur
      • Requirements: $600,000 CAD net worth, 3 years experience being a business owner/manager, invest $200,000 & create a minimum of 1 full time job for Canadian citizens or PR for Canada business visa

      • Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
      • Requirements: An investment amount of $100,000, personal net worth of $300,000, required to have minimum 51% ownership & thus, create a full time job within the area

      Criteria: The business must be located during a community in BC with a population of 75,000

    • Manitoba PNP: Not too small and not too big sums up Manitoba quite accurately. If you're looking forward to commencing your business in smaller and welcoming communities,this is the best-suited province for you. Manitoba may be a land of natural beauty crammed with safe, clean, and friendly towns.
    • Eligibility requirements for business immigration to Canada

      • Entrepreneur pathway
      • Requirements: A minimum investment of $250,000 is required, a net worth of 500,000 Canadian dollars and must hold 3 years of work experience as either business owner or manager

      • Farm Investor
      • Requirements: An investment of 300,000 Canadian dollars, $500,000 net worth and must have 3 years experience of either farm ownership or operation

    • New Brunswick PNP: New Brunswick provides a backdrop of lush forests, clear lakes, majestic mountain ranges, and delightful beaches to your new business. The planet may know the province for the Bay of Fundy which has the world's highest tides,but what many folks don't know is that New Brunswick has a number of the simplest business opportunities altogether in Canada.
    • Eligibility requirements of business immigration to Canada:

      • Entrepreneur

      Requirements: $600,000 net worth required and an investment of $250,000, plus 3 years or more of work experience as business owner for a business visa

    • Northwest territories PNP: The Northwest Territories is home to an eager and well-trained workforce, in fact, the territory has a rock bottom percentage altogether of Canada. Therefore, the government in these territories recognizes the importance of business investment and has since created several incentive programs for business and investment.
    • Eligibility requirements of business immigration to Canada:

      • Northwest Territory Business Stream

      Requirements: If the applicant wants to live outside of Yellowknife than requirement is only $250,000 otherwise $500,000 net worth, minimum investment of $300,000 and if outside Yellowknife, it is only 150k and at least 3 years of work experience as business owner for a business visa

    • Nova Scotia PNP: It is important to stay sight of the important things in life like family once you plan your new business in Canada. For the last word balance between work, family, and relaxation, look no further than Nova Scotia, together with Canada's Atlantic provinces.
    • Eligibility requirements of business immigration to Canada

      • Entrepreneur
      • Requirements: $600,000 net worth needed, minimum investment of $150,000 and must hold at least 3 years of work experience as business owner for a business visa

    • Ontario PNP: 68% of adults living in Ontario have a post-secondary education, making it the foremost educated population within the world. Ontario business Immigration will make sure that their employees come back with some serious qualifications.
    • Eligibility requirements of business immigration to Canada

      • Entrepreneur

      Requirements: $800,000 net worth required and otherwise outside GTA is merely $400,000 and $600,000 minimum investment required and otherwise outside GTA is merely $200,000 plus there must be created 2 full time positions

      • Corporate

      Requirements: International corporation must be established for a minimum of 36 months, must be linked to parent corporation abroad and new business in Ontario, primary income source must be from active earned income from the business.The Corporation must make an investment of 5 million dollars to expand into Ontario Must create 5 new jobs for Canadian citizens or PR's for each "key staff" being nominated at the corporate for a business visa application

    • Prince Edward Island PNP: Prince Edward Island could also be considered as Canada's smallest province, but its potential for business and economic process knows no bounds.
    • Eligibility requirements for business immigration to Canada

      • Business Work Permit Stream

      Requirements: $600,000 net worth required Must get endorsed by the community that is commonly known as Community Endorsement

    • Quebec PNP
    • Eligibility requirements

      • Quebec Entrepreneur Program

      Requirements: $900,000 net worth required, $200,000 minimum start-up deposit and thus, in Montreal is $300,000

      • Quebec Investor Program

      Requirements: 2 million dollars net assets worth needed and should make a 5-year term investment of 1.2 million

    • Saskatchewan PNP: Saskatchewan is conveniently located within the centre of Canada, merely a two days journey from the US. Because of its solid road, rail, and air transportation infrastructure, the province is compatible with manufacturing and distribution industries.
    • Eligibility requirements

      • Entrepreneur Farm Program

      Requirements: $500,000 net worth required, if it is under 40 than $300,00, agreement cash deposit of $75,000 (Once the agreement finishes you get this money back), 3 years experience managing a farm for a business visa

      • Entrepreneur Program

      Requirements: $500,000 net worth needed and a minimum of 3 years of either business management or entrepreneurial experience required, also an investment of $300,000 in Regina & Saskatoon area needed and in all other communities only $200,000 investment required for a business visa Canada

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