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Study in Switzerland

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Though being a small country, Switzerland has got naturally inherited lakes and mountains.

A couple of students who have studied in Switzerland shared their stunning educational experience.

These international scholars expressed that institutions in Switzerland provide high-quality education. Students coming to study in Switzerland gave an exquisite rating of 8.4 out of 10 with regard to its education system.

Apart from this, Switzerland also received an achievement called the Student Satisfaction Award which acted as an absolute benchmark for the country.

Moreover, the country's government provides many scholarship opportunities for international students who come to study in Switzerland.

Scholarships in Universities in Switzerland have been mentioned below:

ETH Excellence Scholarship

The universities in Switzerland provide international students with two scholarship programs at ETH Zurich namely ESOP i.e, Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme and this scholarship covers the entire study and living expenses to study in Switzerland.

The other scholarship is called the Master Scholarship Program (MSP) which is for both domestic and international students holding outstanding records in their graduate degree program.

IMD MBA Scholarship

This is a top-ranked institute for graduates in Switzerland that provides scholarships to full-time students only.

The country has four native languages being spoken namely French, Romansh, German and Italian. Students from overseas countries will get a chance to study in Switzerland and explore new things.

For the students willing to study in Switzerland and get a study visa Switzerland at a renowned university, they are required to get an acceptance from the university first of all and afterwards, need confirmation of the field they want to study and lastly, apply for the study visa Switzerland.

For summer courses, that are up to 3 months, students might get a short term Schengen C visa and thus, for courses longer than three months of duration, they will be getting a long-term national D visa in order to make them study in Switzerland.

Applying for a Swiss visa

International students willing to study in Switzerland, need to apply for a student visa in Switzerland.

Thus, this needs to be done through the Embassy of Switzerland and for this, they are required to submit a form and the associate documents particularly in English.

For short-term Schengen C visas, documentation includes:

Study in Switzerland
  • A valid passport/travel ID
  • Proof of adequate financial resources to hide their costs while in Switzerland;
  • Healthcare/accident insurance;
  • Confirmation of booked courses including fees paid;
  • If a student is under 18, a certificate and authorization to travel is compulsory.

For long-term D visas, documents will include:

Study in Switzerland
  • a legitimate passport/travel ID
  • Proof of adequate financial resources to hide costs while in Switzerland, the scholar also will need a replica of a statement or a letter from the bank
  • Proof of healthcare insurance which incorporates protect accidents
  • A motivation letter stating why the student wishes to return to Switzerland to study
  • Confirmation of enrolment at a recognized Swiss institution
  • Confirmation in fact fees paid
  • Students' CV
  • Copies of previous educational certificates and diplomas
  • A signed letter confirming that the scholar will leave Switzerland at the top of the course
  • Students are required to clear the language proficiency test so that they could meet the needs of the classroom and could understand the lectures well.

When you arrive in Switzerland

The candidates who are willing to apply for a study visa Switzerland get an opportunity of two weeks after they arrive in the country to register themselves and can get a residence permit from the immigration office only if required.

After this, the student will be issued a Permit B which resembles a biometric card that is valid for one year and if required could be renewed.

Working in Switzerland while you're a student

International students for study visa Switzerland are allowed to work part-time while they study in Switzerland.

This time is generally up to 15 hours a week in semester time as well as full-time during the holidays.

This is permitted only after the student has lived in the country for more than 6 months.

Postgraduate studies

For postgraduate studies in Switzerland, international scholars have to submit evidence that could prove that the student had admitted a post-graduate course and also he holds an acceptance letter from the institute he had applied to along with enough financial evidence and a correct place to live in the country for study in Switzerland.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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