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Canada Family Visa

Canada Family Visa

Family sponsorship Canada means reuniting families in Canada. Thus, the Canadian government believes to keep families together and prioritizes the processing of sponsorship applications via Canada family visa. Moreover, there are many options for relations that are Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor a loved one living abroad, to become a permanent resident in Canada which includes Family Immigration to Canada as well.
The government of Canada recognizes that families wish to be together and thus, immigration is permitted for several members of the family. Some relations – like spouses and dependent children – are often included on the initial visa application for brand spanking new immigrants to Canada, while parents, grandparents must be sponsored by Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Canada family visa requirements:

  • Spouses and Partners
    As a matter of fact, the spouse and biological children can normally be included in an application for immigration.
    A common-law partner is defined as an individual of any sex (including same-sex partners) who has been living with you as a partner for a minimum of 1 year. Similar information must be provided for your partner as for the "Principal Applicant" (yourself) on the visa form while Canada Family Visa.
    Your spouse's dependent children also can be included in your visa application.
    This is normally an easy family immigration to Canada application to form.
  • Children
    Only children who are dependent under the age of 19 are often included in the visa application since 2014, except within the case of youngsters with certain physical and/or mental disabilities and health conditions, who haven't any regulation. Previously, children up to the age of twenty-two might be included.
    A dependent child is defined as any child under the age of 19 who doesn't have a spouse or partner, or any child of any age who is financially hooked into couples as to a physical or mental disability or health condition.
    If you or your spouse's dependent children have dependent children of their own, these children also can be included on your visa application.
  • Parents and Grandparents
    Mostly, parents can't be included on the initial visa application of Family Class Sponsorship Canada, and must instead be sponsored by a permanent resident or citizen, except in rare cases where the oldsters or grandparents live in some hardship, and there are compelling humanitarian and compassionate reasons to permit them to be included on the initial application of Canada Family Immigration Visa.
  • Eligibility
    The eligibility of Canada family visa requirements with regard to sponsoring parents to come to Canada as permanent residents, you and your parents must co-sign a sponsorship agreement, which states:
    • That sponsor will provide them with support if necessary – like if they become unemployed, for a period of between 3 and 10 years.
    • That sponsored parent will take all reasonable measures to support themselves financially.
  • Restrictions
    Canadian citizens and permanent residents may be unable to sponsor your parents or grandparents through a Canada Family visa if any of the subsequent conditions applies:
    • Canadian citizens and permanent residents did not abide by the support conditions for an additional relative before sponsored within the past.
    • They have ever defaulted on a court support order, like a toddler support order.
    • They have received benefits/financial support from the Canadian government (except support for a disability)
    • They have ever been convicted of a violent or sexual offence, or an offence against a relative.
    • If they have missed payments, made late payments, or defaulted on an immigration loan.
    • Currently, in prison.
    • Or declared bankruptcy.
  • Others
    Family sponsorship Canada applications are often made for orphaned relatives under 19 years of age like a brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild. Moreover, sponsoring these relatives through Family class immigration Canada has similar eligibility requirements and restrictions with sponsoring parents/grandparents (above).
    Further, a person can normally sponsor a child under 19 years of age that decide to adopt (subject to the relevant adoption laws).
  • Relationships not eligible for the family visa
    Canadian citizens and permanent residents shall not be eligible to be sponsored as a spouse, a common-law partner or conjugal partner for a Canada Family visa if:
    • he/she is below the age of 16 years aged.
    • he/she or maybe the sponsor is married to somebody else during the time of the wedding
    • he/she has stayed far away from the sponsor separately for a minimum of 1 year and are either the husband or wife is that the common-law partner of another person)
    • The sponsor has immigrated to Canada and through the time of the permanent residency was applied,wherein he or she was a member of the family during their eligibility assessment of their immigration requirement but weren't evaluated..
    • The sponsor had previously funded the other spouse or common-law partner and three years haven't gone by since they became a permanent resident of Canada
    • If the applicant doesn't qualify to sponsor or provide support to their common-law partner or dependent child within the Family class sponsorship Canada, their partner or child can all right apply to reside in Canada on compassionate and humanitarian grounds.

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