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Prince Edward Island Immigration

Prince Edward Island is proven to be the smallest province in the country. Though the area of the province is small it is measured as a famous destination for individuals as it has scenic natural beauty, historic value and cultural heritage.

Prince Edward Island Immigration

This province has got outstanding institutions and features no traffic and pollution. Prince Edward Island was the place of the historic Charlottetown Conference. At length, this led to the formation of the nation. Moreover, the quality of life along with its fascinating beaches and cultural attractions are the speciality of Prince Edward Island. Thus, this is the reason why the place is popular amongst the tourists.

Prince Edward Island has got a close-knit as well as a safe and secure community in the nation due to which individuals across the world have a keen interest in Prince Edward Island immigration. Prince Edward Island Express Entry immigration system of Canada is the easiest way for Prince Edward Island immigration.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is associated with Prince Edward Island which has been made by the province for the international workers so as to help the economy of Prince Edward Island with in-demand jobs.

There are three major categories of Prince Edward Island immigration, the names of which have been mentioned below:

  • Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream
  • Prince Edward Island Stream of skilled workers
  • Prince Edward Island's Atlantic Immigration pilot program
  1. Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream

  2. Through this specific program, Prince Edward Island is permitted to draw all the potential individuals to use the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. Prince Edward Island could further send a Notification to interest to the candidates who meet the criteria and standards of Prince Edward Island Express Entry profiles.

    The candidates will then receive enough points for the Prince Edward Island Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking system with the help of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. After this, they get a call for participation from Prince Edward Island within the draw. Eventually, when the candidate participates in permanent residency in Canada, it does not take so much time for the acceptance of Prince Edward Island Permanent Residency. The applications for this are generally processed within six months more or less.

    As soon as the labour market needs change, the requirements also vary in the province. This is advised that the applicants should encompass all the present needs of the province when applying for the Express Entry System of Prince Edward Island. Through Citizenship and Immigration Canada online system, the potential applicants could apply for Permanent Residency Canada only if the candidate gets nominated through the Prince Edward Island Express Entry stream.

    Under the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, not all the candidates get selected but the candidates who have got the skills to meet the requirements of Prince Edward Island Labour needs are given priority. The general requirements for this stream are 7 bands to prove language proficiency, tertiary education is a requirement, one or two years of work experience required. The average processing time for Prince Edward Island Express Entry stream.

  3. Skilled Worker in Prince Edward Island Stream

  4. Through the Prince Edward Island stream of skilled workers, a nomination for Canadian permanent residency could be applied thereto by the candidates only if they had been currently working with the Prince Edward Island employer. This is the kind of immigration system which helps people to fill in the high profile designations that could not be occupied by the local job market.

    The general requirements of the Prince Edward Island stream of skilled workers are that they need minimum work experience along with which a job offer is also required from the Prince Edward Island employer. The minimum language requirement is 4 bands and a post level degree or diploma is needed with two years of work experience. The age limit for this is between 18 to 59 years.

  5. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  6. The Prince Edward Island Immigration's Atlantic Pilot Program emphasizes particularly the skilled as well as the semi-skilled potential workers who wish to permanently settle in one of the Atlantic provinces, which covers Prince Edward Island as well.

    The three programs have been mentioned below which are under the Atlantic immigration pilot program are as follows:

    • Atlantic International Graduate Program -This is specifically for international graduates who have completed their education from Prince Edward Island only.
    • Atlantic High Skilled Program -The Atlantic high skilled program is for those skilled professionals that hold one year of work experience and have earned a foreign degree as well.
    • Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program - The Atlantic Intermediate skilled program is for workers who are semi-skilled and have got one year of work experience.

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