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Permanent Residency Canada

PR in Canada is quite an easy process as the country offers amazing opportunities for tons of people annually. As a matter of fact, the country has gradually increased the number of successful applicants to nearly 280,000 people every year.

Permanent Resident Canada

After being a Canada PR holder, an individual receives ample benefits in Canada. These PR holders in Canada are permitted to study, work and live permanently. This Canada PR card is issued by the authorities for a maximum period of five years and after that, the cardholder has to renew it.

Moreover, a bulk of people wish to get this opportunity of a Canada Permanent Resident Visa (PR) and would like to be PR in Canada as soon as possible in order to avail all the benefits that are being offered to other PR cardholders in Canada. As getting PR in Canada is quite easier, the country is remarked as one of the topmost immigration destinations.

How Permanent Residency in Canada is run?

Canada PR holders will be given the following rights:

  • This would allow an individual to avail all the social advantages that are received by the citizens of the country which includes health care coverage
  • work, study, live in any part of Canada,
  • Would be allowed to live, work and study in any area of Canada
  • You could also apply for citizenship of Canada at any point in time
  • Will get protection under the laws of Canada
  • You are allowed to pay the taxes
  • Will have to respect all the laws of Canada be it Municipal, Federal and provincial level

Things that you are not allowed to do after getting Canada PR have been written below:

  • You are not allowed to vote
  • Cannot run a political office
  • Cannot have a job that needs a high-security clearance

What is meant by the Canada PR Card?

The permanent resident Canada card that you possess will simply reveal the permanent resident Canada status. While travelling outside the country, you will just have to show the Canada PR card and your passport while sitting in either an aeroplane or a boat.

For returning back to Canada, the ones who don't have a valid PR card will have to apply for a Canadian permanent residency travel document before returning back to the country by any means.

Benefits availed to citizens of Canada

A number of benefits are availed by the citizens of Canada and a number of people anticipate these benefits while commencing their new life in the country. These benefits include:

  • Canadian politics – The citizens of the country are given a much voice as compared to the PR cardholders. They are allowed to participate in federal, municipal and provincial elections. The citizens are also allowed to run an office and could entangle themselves in political activities. This refers to voice in running the various levels of the state that how it could be run.
  • High-level jobs – Higher level federal jobs would be allowed to citizens and they are allowed to pay all the taxes to the government and avail themselves all the benefits.
  • Dual citizenship – You are allowed to apply for dual citizenship as you will not be given a right to settle in Canada as your primary country of citizenship.
  • Family – Without browsing for an immigration process for your future children, if they are born in Canada, they will be given a far better life and will automatically be Canadian citizens.
  • Taxes – If you are residing somewhere else rather than being in Canada, you won't be allowed to submit the taxes.


The permanent residents Canada is needed to have a valid PR card in order to travel outside the country by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will have to meet and fulfil all the needs of Canada PR requirements and with this, renew your Permanent Residence card every five years. The ones holding the Canada PR if they do not meet the eligibility every five years will lose Canada Permanent resident status.

How we could help you out?

The procedure of the Canada PR application process is often very hard and complex in nature along with being quite time-consuming. A high ratio of people converts their temporary status to Canadian permanent residency, for which you need to get professional and expert help throughout the Canada PR process, which Swis Immigration will be providing you with.

We have got more than 12 years of extensive experience in Canada PR and tons of people have been helped by us to immigrate to Canada and we are also there to help you. We consistently look forward to helping you in accomplishing your immigration goals.

For more information, you can also write to us your queries at and we will get back to you shortly.

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