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Study in Lithuania

Study in Lithuania is meant by studying in that particular country with higher academic standards. Lithuania is a country where the primary university in Eastern Europe was established. Education within the country is out there at Universities and colleges. The higher education institutions specifically follow the rules of the Bologna system's declaration.

Moreover, the process of the Bologna system began in the year 1999 when the 29 education ministers of European countries signed the Bologna declaration with the Italian city of Bologna. Thus, the main target of this particular process lies to take care of a tutorial standard for educational degrees and quality is assured so that students can easily move from one European country to another EU nation and improve the quality of education that has been offered by European universities. Additionally, the Bologna System also covers aspects of the American education system which simplifies the comparison thereto.

Furthermore, the bologna system uses the ECU Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to raise the quantity of upper education credit.

Study in Lithuania

Why study in Lithuania ?

Lithuania is situated at a crossroad between West and East Europe and through its complex history, a singular culture has emerged in which there is both respect for tradition and the strong desire to find out something more innovate and new. Lithuania is also a member of the ECU Union and NATO and is one of the foremost bilingual and educated countries in Europe. Although the value of living here is lesser than in other Western countries, this aspect makes it great for education, tourism as well as business.

The people of Lithuania are simple and peaceful and a few could also be said to be shy with foreigners but once you get to know them, they will become friendly and well-intended. Moreover, they are keen to share their experiences and the way of life they live with the remainder of the globe. The ones willing to study in Lithuania will definitely be bound to be with dozens of friends. Apart from this, there are other attractive features also which will draw anyone's mind towards this study destination which includes:

  • Affordable fees structure
  • Easy eligibility criteria
  • Gap acceptable for up to three years
  • Low funds needed
  • Freedom to choose a Lithuania student visa, with or without IELTS
  • Study programs available in English
  • Variety of degree programs available
  • The work permit is given after completion of studies
  • Good job opportunities
  • Work rights allowed to college students during the study

Admission process

The admission process is a piece of cake after one has opted which study program to study in Lithuania. Majority of universities have deadlines in the month of June to the starting of September, but international scholars are advised to do this as soon as possible so as to go away sooner to figure out the small print. The following are the three steps required to enrol in Lithuanian university. First and the foremost one is to evaluate the study documents recognised within the Republic of Lithuania. Moreover, the evaluation and recognition of foriegn school leaving certificates and other educational qualifications are administered as per the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in education.


If a student is willing to study in Lithuania within the first cycle i.e, the Bachelor's program at a better educational institution in Lithuania, they will have to possess a Maturity certificate or the same qualification. To be admitted to the second-cycle university program student ought to hold a Bachelor's degree or the same qualification generally within the respective field. So as to enter the third cycle university studies i.e, Doctoral, also as residency, postgraduate arts studies, the student has to have either a Master's or a corresponding degree within the respective study field.

Documents required for Lithuanian study visa

  • Completed Electronic visa form with one recent passport size photograph that has to be colorful with white background.
  • A valid travel document i.e passport and the passport's period of validity must not exceed the validity period of the requested visa by a minimum period of six months
  • A confirmed air ticket reservation
  • To study in Lithuania requires valid insurance covering the duration of stay along with its copy
  • Registration certificate of the scholastic institution in Lithuania
  • Mediation letter from the high school institute in Lithuania
  • Means of subsistence within the Republic of Lithuania with minimum last 3 months original checking account statements or payslips etc.

For more details on study in Lithuania, you may write to us at info@swisimmigration.com

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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