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Quebec Immigration

Quebec immigration could provide many things to the people who wish to immigrate to Canada as it is the most important province in Canada. In order to help individuals to integrate themselves with resources, the provincial government of Quebec invests significantly in the programs. There are many options available for the individuals who are new to the province that includes employment counselling or travelling, free healthcare, heavy subsidized tuition fees associated with post-secondary education along free language training.

Quebec Immigration

A special arrangement has been featured by the Quebec immigration with the government of Canada through the Quebec immigration program. The criteria and rules associated with Quebec are different from Canada for inviting immigrants.

Quebec immigration provides a process two-stage. Initially, the application process has to be started by choosing any of the Quebec immigration programs and if the candidate has been selected in any of the programs then CQS is issued. Then this Certificat de selection du Quebec could help you apply for Canada PR.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

This Quebec immigration program is meant to spot immigrants willing to immigrate to Quebec and willing to increase the economy of Quebec.

The first-come, first-serve process has been replaced by this new immigration system.

    The Quebec skilled worker Program is described briefly below:

  1. A declaration of interest has to be submitted by the candidates to the Quebec immigration
  2. Further, the candidates who had scored higher gets an invitation for a Quebec Selection Certificate.
  3. Then. the applicants will receive a call for participation and could submit a completed application of themselves for CSQ.
  4. When CSQ has been issued to the applicant, they could then submit the application to federal.

The eligibility criteria for those ranked in Quebec's Expression of Interest Bank

Any international individual who has achieved the age of 18 or more could submit an EOI to Quebec. The candidates are grouped under two categories of such written as follows:

  1. Individuals having a connection to Quebec
  2. Individuals staying outside Quebec

Quebec Experience Class Program

This Canada Quebec immigration program has been created particularly for international people who have been staying in the province already. This program is not based on points or score as in the QSW program. Whenever the applicant meets all the necessary criteria for this program of Quebec Immigration, they will get qualified. The time associated with this program is comparatively shorter than that of the other Quebec immigration programs.

Quebec Entreprenuer Program

The Quebec immigration program is a program designed primarily for business Quebec needs. The main objective of the program is to draw individuals who have been proving their business to the province and are willing to increase their economy. This acts as a better way for the businessmen to achieve Permanent Residency of Canada who is not eligible for other categories to get qualified. The applicants for this program need to prove that they will stay in the province after achieving their permanent residency status.

The applicants willing for Quebec immigration could apply under any of the following two components:

  • Component One: All the new businesses and startups have been concentrated in this component that has been established in Quebec with the help of a Business
  • Component Two: Component two is emphasising on operated as well as owner-funded businesses.

As a matter of fact, the positions available in the Quebec Entrepreneur program of Quebec immigration is limited and on the contrary, the demand for getting permanent residency in Canada is very high. Intrinsically, the applicants need to submit all their applications after fulfilling the requirements of the applications. Swis Immigration helps people in getting the right options for business in Quebec immigration. Also, we help you to navigate through the entire process in order to ensure that the best application is submitted by you for Quebec immigration.

In order to get more details on Quebec immigration, you may write to us your queries at info@swisimmigration.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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