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Cyprus tourist visa

The scenic spots for tourist attractions in Cyprus include archaeological sites, museums and castles along with having a long coastline and beautiful beaches. The location of the island nation is within the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The tourists are eager to visit Cyprus through a Cyprus tourist visa which is generally known as a short-term visa and has a validation period of 90 days not more than that.

Cyprus Tourist visa

Eligibility criteria for getting a Cyprus tourist visa:

  • Have a genuine reason to visit the country
  • Have proper financial status to prove your stay in the country
  • Health and character requirements should be met by the applicant
  • Should have a motive to return back to their home country

Documents required for the Cyprus tourist visa application:

  • A valid passport needed which should have validity not more than the visa you applied for by six months
  • Passport size photographs needed
  • A completed and signed application form copy
  • Itinerary details
  • Proof of hotel and flight bookings
  • Tour ticket's copy
  • In order to travel and stay in the country, enough financial support is required
  • Specific details of all the itinerary along with a cover letter
  • A supporting letter from the company where the applicant is working
  • Statements of Income-tax
  • A bank statement from your bank recently
  • A travel insurance policy which might include all the accidents
  • Before applying for a Cyprus tourist visa, ensure that you hit all the requirements that are needed for the Cyprus tourist visa as well as attach all the specific documents that are needed.

If you wish to apply for a Cyprus tourist visa that would be valid for 1-5 years then all the above-mentioned requirements are needed for this sort of application and for this, you could only spend 3 months in every six months.

Are you able to extend a Cyprus tourist Visa?

Yes, of course, the visa holders of Cyprus tourist visa could extend their stay and put a visa extension but could do so before their visa expires.

In order to extend a Cyprus tourist visa, you need to apply for an Immigration Unit in Cyprus. Although, if your visa application has got finalised then you need to take permission from the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Is this country a part of the Schengen Union?

No, the country is not accepted as a part of Schengen yet but is regarded as a member state of the European Union. Moreover, Cyprus shares the control-free zone of Schengen with Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

On the contrary, if you have got a valid Schengen visa, in that case, you could enter Cyrus, as long as your visa is valid.

Is the visa holder allowed to visit the Schengen countries with a Cyprus tourist visa?

No, with a Cyrus tourist visa, you are not allowed to enter any Schengen country if you hold a Cyprus visa as it is not a Schengen member.

How Swis immigration can help you in getting a Cyprus tourist visa?

  • Putting light on the required and mandatory documents
  • Give assistance related to the financials that are required
  • Fill the required application form
  • Review entire application process of Cyprus tourist visa

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