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The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

About the province

The country has been identified as having safe and secure cities along with having enormous sort of traditions and provides clean air to the individuals who wish to have Manitoba immigration. The province has got 200 varied languages being spoken.

Manitoba has always been welcoming towards immigrants for over decades in order to foster the country. It offers certain facilities as well namely health care and free education to the inhabitants of the province in order to have a bright career ahead.

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba province and has a population of nearly 762,000 people. The province is rich in local attractions and also provides plenty of opportunities related to employment and apart from this, entertainment options as well.

MPNP manitoba provincial nominee program


If any individual has an interest in Canada's history, culture and natural beauty, Manitoba immigration acts as the best option for the ones seeking to immigrate to Canada. Through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, the applicants could do so. You would have to seek expert knowledge with regard to getting success in this. Following streams are covered under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program:

  1. Skilled Worker Stream

The province has made it easier to immigrate and settle in Canada. Certain individuals namely recent graduates, business people along with their family members could use this MPNP for Manitoba immigration so that the applicants could settle in successfully and establish in Manitoba as permanent residents.

The MPNP supports the skilled workers who are locally driven and additionally supports the employers of Manitoba. The state opts for the experienced as well as internationally skilled workers who could be eligible to meet the needs of the local labour market of Canada and nominate themselves in order to receive Canada PR and settle through Manitoba immigration.

Generally, there are two main streams of Manitoba immigration namely:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • Skilled workers in Manitoba:

    The skilled and experienced workers under Manitoba PNP are those who hold a couple of things namely qualifications, skills, work experience and language skills in either English or French so that they can contribute a sum to the economy of Manitoba. The international workers who are already skilled come under this category, who are already working in Manitoba.

  • Skilled Workers Overseas

    Another immigration pathway namely Skilled workers Overseas of Manitoba Immigration is for the ones who live outside the province but are eligible to successfully add on to the economy of the province and could have the following:

  • The worker should have relatives or friends already residing in the province
  • They should have work experience prior to coming to the province or the education.
  • They should hold an invitation to apply from the province directly

The following criteria should be completed by the individual in order to fulfil the Manitoba immigration:

  • Need to score a minimum of 60 credits out of 100 for MPNP in the assessment grid
  • Same field work experience
  • You need a minimum of 4.5 scores on the IELTS proficiency test
  • Need to send all the documents that are required for applying for Manitoba immigration

2. International Education Stream

MPNP manitoba provincial nominee program

For Manitoba immigration, the international education stream has been dedicated to international students who have been studying in the province and meet the requirements of faster pathways to the nomination of the province.

Three pathways are there for students under this Manitoba immigration pathway program:

  • Career Employment Pathway:

    Quicker nomination for post-secondary students who have graduated from an institution in Manitoba and seek long term employment in the province only and are eligible under MPNP.

  • Graduate Internship Pathway:

    Nomination for international masters and doctoral students through internships and are eligible to apply for MPNP.

  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot:

    It gives a chance of entrepreneurship rather than giving employment to 20 per cent of international students who have graduated from the Manitoba province and are eligible to apply for MPNP.

2. Business Investor Stream

The Business investor stream of Manitoba immigration has been renewed and has replaced the present PNP business category. This Manitoba immigration has permitted to recruit as well as nominate the qualified business investors and entrepreneurs across the world who wish to start up a new business or purchase it in Manitoba.

The two main pathways are as follows:

  • The Entrepreneur Pathway:

    This pathway is for those who wish to start out a new business in Manitoba and;

  • The Farm Investor Pathway:

    This is for entrepreneurs who want to purchase a new business or operate a farm in rural Manitoba.

  • Three easy steps for Manitoba Immigration

    Three simple and easy steps could guide you for the MPNP of Manitoba immigration for skilled workers:

    STEP 1: Need to submit an Expression of Interest(EOI)

    For this, you will be asked a series of questions to finish out your profile and will be placed alongside other applicants in the pool of MPNP. The selection process is generally done on the scoring system. The individuals who have scored high will be selected first for a draw and you will then be invited to submit the application for Manitoba PNP.

    STEP 2: You need to submit an application for MPNP

    After receiving your invitation to apply, you need to register for the provincial nomination. In order to gain success in every step of the process, the expert team will guide you through the process and with utmost care so that no stone is left unturned.

    STEP 3: Letter of recommendation

    You will be eligible to get additional 600 points for your Manitoba express entry profile with the help of a Letter of recommendation, only when you have fulfilled all the requirements of the MPNP application

Processing Time of MPNP

As such, there is no set processing time. Thus, all applicants, be it of any stream, should have their application processed within six months at max, according to the province.

No processing time has been set for the application of MPNP. All the applicants under these streams of Manitoba immigration will have to wait for six months at least to make their application successful

For more details on MPNP, you may write to us your queries at info@swisimmigration.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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