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New Brunswick Immigration

If anyone is planning to stay and work in New Brunswick, you could apply for New Brunswick immigration. New Brunswick immigration offers New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program which permits people to get an appointment with the federal government through New Brunswick Express Entry. This program has allowed the province to pick as well as nominate the skilled worker who has been selected by the government from across the world to stay in New Brunswick. The program of NBPNP (New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program) has been prepared specifically for people who are interested in New Brunswick immigration and features many streams in it.

New Brunswick Immigration

Streams under New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

  • Express Entry Labour Market Stream

This stream of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program NBPNP features a new Brunswick Express Entry system that fulfils the requirements of labour market shortages of the province. In order to meet this requirement, you need to score 67 credits out of 100 to satisfy the minimum entry criteria of NBPNP (New Brunswick Nominee Program).

  1. The age requirement for this stream is between 22 to 55 years.
  2. A language requirement of 7 bands should be in either English or French language.
  3. A minimum secondary school education or similar to the Canadian education system requirements has to be met and academic credential assessment must be submitted as well for New Brunswick immigration.
  4. You need to provide a valid job offer letter from the employer and the employer should be from the same province where you wish to work.
  5. A minimum of 12 months of skilled work experience is needed in primary occupation in order to get into New Brunswick immigration.
  6. A form has to be filled and signed that reveals your commitment to work and your intention to stay in New Brunswick.
  7. Evidence of your funds is required to be shown by the applicant in order to take care of your family members.
  • Skilled Worker with Employer Support Stream

This particular stream is helpful for the individual to immigrate to New Brunswick only if you receive a valid and full-time permanent job offer from your employer in New Brunswick. In order to get eligible for New Brunswick immigration, the age and language requirements are the same but the score requirement for this stream is a bit lower than the Express Entry Labour Market Stream i.e, 50 credits out of 100.

  • Post-graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

The stream of New Brunswick immigration is hospitable for the candidates who have graduate-level education from a renowned university of New Brunswick. The NBPNP pathway helps people to settle in the province permanently. This stream is applicable only if the applicant has completed his education from New Brunswick and has now started a business in the same province.

  • New Brunswick Immigration – Entrepreneurial Stream

The New Brunswick immigration stream namely the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream is specifically for the entrepreneurs who stay abroad and are keen on operating a new business in the province only with the help of the New Brunswick Immigration program and will help expand the economy of th province.

This stream works similar to the EOI system. You need to submit your EOI to the Department of Post-Secondary education, learning and labour of New Brunswick if you wish to apply under this New Brunswick immigration program. The best-ranked applicants will be given an invitation to apply for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program.

  1. The age to apply under this stream should be between 22 to 55.
  2. A two-year post-secondary course needs to be completed after your higher education.
  3. Language requirements for this stream is 5 bands in either English or French language.
  4. A proof needs to be given that you could stay and operate a business in the province after you have been nominated under this stream of New Brunswick immigration.
  5. All the operations of your business are to be taken by you.
  6. A business plan has to be finished off and given to get approved by the government officer which should reveal the ways in which your business will contribute to the economy of the province.
  7. A minimum net worth of 600,000 Canadian dollars is compulsory which should consist of 300,000 Canadian dollars debt-free.
  8. The applicant has to have at least 3 years of experience in managing business to be eligible for New Brunswick immigration.
  9. The minimum score requirement is 65 credits out of 100 points.

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