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Study in Austria

Austria is found within the heart of Europe and has been bordered entirely by other countries. It is also a member of the ECU union and home to over 8.8 million people. In GDP terms, the country is consistently recognised amongst the richest countries within the world. In order to study in Austria, the country has developed in terms of living standards and declared its perpetual neutrality in foreign politics in the year 1955. As Austria consists of an extended and impressive history, it attracts many tourists and has got something for everyone. The cities of Austria are modern and developed with a high standard of living, high-income economy and regarded as the perfect destination for international students seeking a metropolitan experience. The countryside is suffering from amazing scenery and is the perfect destination to study in Austria. Moreover, it also provides adventurous entertainment to individuals offering skiing and hiking.

Study in Austria

Why study in Austria?

Apparently, the nation's commitment to international students is reflected in terms of affordable fees structure and an upsurge in enrolling students since reforms have been made. As the country offers international students to study in Austria at world-ranked education institutions, the scholars get a chance to devour German as well. The German language is the mother tongue of 100 million people worldwide and joining these people will definitely open up some great further study and employment opportunities for the ones willing to study in Austria.

Moreover, the country heads a long history of excellent education including philosophers, scientists and writers who have worked and lived here. Vienna specifically features a long tradition of educational achievements. Adding more, Vienna is the foremost significant movement in Philosophy since the traditional Greeks were born.

Cost of studying and living within the country

The currency being utilized in Austria is the Euro.

Tuition fees to study in Austria depends upon different variables. If you belong to a European Union country and wish to study in Austria then you are required to pay the tuition fees as you finish your studies in a stipulated time frame given or you could be allowed to do so with additional two semesters. If you succeed to finish your studies in this time, you will pay a little tuition fees each semester as you remain enrolled which is generally around 363.36 euros per semester.

Apart from this, if you are from another country, you are required to pay tuition fees every semester which is around 726.72 euros at a public institution.

Both European national and international students will be required to pay a building membership fee that is around 18 euros per semester.


If you are from the European Union country, then you will not require a visa in the country. You need to have valid insurance and just demonstrate sufficient funds. Apart from this, all you need is a valid travel document that is a passport.

Moreover, if you have been staying in Austria for 3 months, then you are required to urge a residence permit within the four months of your arrival.

Languages being spoken

The official language of Austria is German but many other recognised languages are also spoken here such as Hungarian, Slovene and Burgenland Croatian.

Capital city: Vienna

Vienna, the capital city of Austria is home to 1.8 million people. Along with hosting international organisations like the United Nations, the town is the economic, culture as well as the political centre of Austria. Furthermore, the town centre is a UNESCO world heritage site, although there is a threat to its status with regard to the modernisation of the town.

There are several educational institutions located within the city which includes one of the country's famous universities of Arts i.e, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Apart from this, you will also find one of the oldest universities namely the University of Vienna, within the German-speaking world.

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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