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Immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong

New immigration pathways introduced by Canada to help Hong Kong residents

In order to let migrants immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong, Canada had introduced three varied pathways to help Hong Kong young people to move to Canada. These pathways have been discovered in the year 2020. These pathways involve outstanding immigration measures in order to assist Hong Kong residency which might also add certain Canadians that are staying in Hong Kong and have a desire to return back to Canada. Specifically, the pathways that have been introduced recently is due to Canada's concern regarding two things namely about the New National Security Law and destroying humans right situation there.

Immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong

Amongst three pathways introduced by Canada to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong, the first one is for the individuals that have recently completed their graduate studies could get the Open Work permit program which has been launched in February 2021 and the remaining ones have been thought off to be executed in late this year.

Openwork permit program for recent graduates

The individuals who have passed their graduation studies from post-secondary institutions are going to get open-work permits through this new pathway which has been launched in February 2021. With the help of such a program to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong, Hong Kong residents who are in Canada or anywhere else in the world will be able to get open work permits that are valid up till three years.

The eligibility criteria for this program in order to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong is that Hong Kong residents should have completed a post-secondary education that should be two years at least. A minimum of five years gap could be accepted before applying for the pathway program to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong. The degree or diploma that is required for such a program could be from any country but it should be equivalent as per the Canadian evaluation.

IEC Working Holiday Program

Tons of individuals immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong in order to either work or study under the IEC working holiday program. Hong Kong lies under those countries as an agreement for working holidays with Canada. Moreover, this agreement permits the Hong Kong passport holders to work in Canada for an employer. For this, however, a variety of eligibility criteria exists. To exemplify, the individual who wishes to travel under such a program will have to be of a certain age that is between 18 to 30 years of age as there is a limited quota system for this program.

For a decade, Hong Kong immigration has become a part of this agreement with Canada and with regard to this, many Hong Kong passport holders receive approval under this agreement in order to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong.

This pathway has provided residents of Hong Kong a great opportunity to explore the country as well apart from working. Furthermore, it also exhibits an opportunity for individuals who have a desire to start up their successful career in Canada.

Pathways that have been expected to come in the near future

The government of Canada has made three initiatives for the people of Hong Kong to boost up their career prospects in Canada and have been specifically designed to facilitate the youth of Hong Kong to Canada. Apart from having open work opportunities in Canada, two other initiatives have been expected to be launched by the government of Canada related to Permanent residency till the end of the year 2021. These programs to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong have been mentioned below in brief:

  • A pathway for Hong Kong residents to get Permanent residency for those having work experience in Canada: Candidates who have a one-year work experience in Canada and will have to meet a minimum language requirement and education in order to fulfil such pathway.
  • A pathway for the Hong Kong residents who are students and have studied in Canada could get permanent residency: In order to be eligible for such pathway, residents of Hong Kong are required to have studied in Canada.

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