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Overseas education and Study visa consultant

The diversity of programs in several streams and its world-class education are the linchpins of Canada's Education System.

All sorts of Canada Work Permits

Assistance provided for all work permits, be it, skilled, unskilled or open-work permits. Talented workers are drawn to Canada for its diversity and cosmopolitan provinces.

Permanent Residency in Canada

Our executives provide an able helping hand to you in order to become a Permanent Resident so that you can acquire several opportunities in Canada.

About Agency
About Agency

Best immigration Consultant for Canada

We being an CICC member, had been offering a plethora of services for such a long tenure and assisting people to establish a better future ahead.

Moreover, our immigration consultant team serves students who are residing in Canada and are seeking employment . We render our services to those who eventually wish to apply for their permanent residency as well.

Additionally, our executives analyze the entire profile thoroughly about offering the best consultation to our valuable clients.

Canada PR is explained to be a lengthy and complicated process for individuals acquiring an Open Work permit in Canada.

That is the reason why Swis immigration has been remarked as the best immigration consultants for Canada. At length, our executive will light up your career by ascertaining that the best served have been served to you.

Ways to get PR through PNP

Canadian PNP's have been recognised as the fast-paced economic Canadian immigration consultant pathway programs. Apart from this, the federal government of Canada has gradually upsurged annual allocations of respective provinces for their PNP's elucidating the rapid significance of these programs. Canadian provinces, as well as territories, can nominate candidates who have a desire to settle down in their respective provinces based on specific criteria set by the provinces themselves.

Alberta PNP

An immigration consultant that provides study visas to varied countries including Canada, USA, UK.

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We are a visa consultant that assists business immigrants who wish to invest in Canada.

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Ontario PNP

A visa consultancy for people meeting the criteria who may enter the express entry pool.

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Nova Scotia PNP

A Canada based Visa company that arranges camps with expert coaches from various countries across the world.

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Manitoba PNP

We assist the parents of temporary residents of Canada in order

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Saskatchewan PNP

We provide immigration services to all the skilled category

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Quebec Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program of Quebec Immigration is a provincial

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Newfoundland and Labrador

The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program of Newfoundland and

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New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee program allows individuals who wish to apply for New Brunswick immigration

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Yukon Provincial Nominee Program of Yukon Immigration is an initiative that is jointly run by the provincial government

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Prince Edward Island Immigration

Prince Edward Island is regarded as the smallest province in Canada

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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The RNIP is a new program launched in June 2019 which aimed towards

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Government Approved Visa
Getting a visa with the help of Best Immigration Consultant in India

We help in making the visa process faster

We are an immigration company that believes in touching the sky with glory. Swis immigration has its office both in India and Canada.

It is approved by the government of both countries. Hence, we provide universal access to the World’s best and most renowned immigrants with extreme hard work and transparency.

We had thus succeeded in developing its position as one of the leading education, work, and PR consultancies.

Therefore, we acquire an expert team and passionate members determined to work and realize the dreams of aspiring individuals.

No Hidden Cost
We love our clients

Tons of people choose our services

Our expertise immigration consultant team heads with a groundbreaking experience of 12 years in the domain of immigration only and has thus written tons of remarkable success stories, be it tourist visa, study visa, work permit or PR, the green flags of Swis immigration's success soars high.

With regard to maintaining the success achieved we, therefore, believe in being transparent while delivering our services. Apart from this, no hidden costs are involved during the application process in order to maintain transparency towards our respective clients.

Fast Easy and Secure Immigration
Professional Advisors

Get guarantee success with our advisors

We are an experienced immigration consultancy who can assist you throughout your application process and ascertain that it has been prepared appropriately and thus, encountering no unusual obstacles and delays.

Deadlines are essential while preparing a visa application with regard to this. That is the reason why we prepare your entire documents ready within two business days after receiving them.

We always ensure to provide you with fast and reliable services by eradicating the hassle and uncertainty. Moreover, Swis Immigration's prime motto is to offer a global visa solution to candidates, no matter where they are based or where their future destination is.

Our Visa Services

Here we have listed visa services.

Student Visa

Looking for quality overseas education?

We consider Overseas education as the foremost advantageous knowledge gathering experience for a pupil. Additionally, learners get an opportunity to educate themselves while studying abroad at the desired destination.

Added to this, embed the allure as well as the culture of the concerned country.

The massive reason associated with considering a study program abroad embarks upon the chance to ascertain the globe. As far as studying abroad is concerned, one gets the chance to explore a varied country in terms of distinguishing customs and activities associated with it.

Additionally, the benefits of overseas education include a plethora of new activities, be it ascertaining new terrains, museums, climatic wonders, and landmarks of the designated country.

With the best immigration consultants, you could get the best possible outcome. As soon as you end up studying abroad and get back to your home country, it ensures that you will be returning with a different perspective.

The uncertain things that may include language skills, culture, outstanding education, and eagerness to learn more about the same. In a nutshell, the discussed benefits associated with studying overseas make it quite eye-catching for your future employers.

700+ Universities in 25 Countries:

  • CanadaCanada
  • AustraliaAustralia
  • UKUK
  • EuropeEurope

Our Partner Institutions

As we are specialised and at the forefront of the overseas education sector, we are thus very familiar with the ways to execute and act confidently that we find the procedure that best suits you as per your requirements and which we definitely help you meet your goals.

Our specialised immigration consultant team did a great job managing a long list of partners by putting forth just a few amongst these at the front page and offering a simple grid of partner institution's logos as we acquire partnerships with institutions internationally.


Countries we serve for tourism:

Explore the countries we serve for tourism. You can contact our expert immigration consultant team for free assessment of your visa applications.

Pratice Area:

  • University Selection
  • Visa Assistance
  • Overseas Internship
  • Health Insurance
  • Tourist & Visitor Visa
  • Travel Assistance
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Why Choose Us?

We at Swis immigration, consultants for Canada make sure that all our clients are provided with the best service in a clear, transparent, and comprehensive way. Our sole emphasis is on the quality of the service and its utmost utility to our clients. We analyze every need of our client and come up with a functional and absolute solution that guarantees success and satisfaction.

1. RCIC Member

Swis Immigration being an RCIC member could provide a helping hand. With multiple services for a longer tenure of time to help people establish a bright future.

Tourist visas, study abroad, and permanent residency in Canada are all our expertise and we serve for your better future.

2. Government Approved

Our consultancy services are approved by the Government of India and Canada, thereby making all our services highly reliable and authentic. We understand how significant these processes and thereby our entire team maintains the line of authenticity while providing the service.

It is in our mission statement to maintain utmost transparency and

as we believe that the trust of our clients is the biggest asset.

3. 100% success rate

Our positive testimonials count our mettle. With over 5500 cases each year and a 100% success rate, Swis Immigration, and team are best consultants. Working with grit, determination to fulfill every need of our clients to the highest of our ability.

4. Experienced staff

Our team consists of eminent professionals who have invaluable experience and are cordial, and communicative to all of your needs. We understand every need of yours and devise the right plan and solution for the same.

All our experts are well versed on immigration laws of Canada . They will extend a guiding hand with all your needs and service requirements.

5. World Class Services

Swis Immigration is the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh for Canada and that is for a reason. We provide immaculate services that are of premium quality addressing all your needs.

With such service delivery, we have been in the industry for this long and are emerging pioneers of the same.

6. Deliverable approach

Swis Immigration believes in analyzing the task, comprehending them, division the right stage, and then executing them.

Simplicity is the key we chase here comprehensive yet simple solution for a problem is what we strive for. We aim to provide with streamlined service that makes the entire process smooth and achievable for anybody.

Our consultancy services are approved by the Government of India and Canada, thereby making all our services highly reliable and authentic. We understand how significant these processes and thereby our entire team maintains the line of authenticity while providing the service.

7. Absolute Reliable experience

The reliability of service is an important focus of any consultancy. It is this factor that builds in the necessary trust and secure feeling for the clients. With Government approvals, and our World Class services, Swis Immigration and our team are of utmost reliability as we work towards getting your dreams to come true. We are forever available to every client at all steps through the process.

8. Authenticity and transparency

Swis Immigration believes in utmost transparency. Our price packages are well mnetioned and no hidden charges are rendered. Our clients and the satisfaction levels are the major assets of the consultancy and we adhere strictly to all the ethos and principles for the same.

We mention every information to our client, keeping nothing or no information from you. It is this trust that has mitigated us to be one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Canada.

Our Vision statement includes becoming a top-notch reliable advisory firm. One that empowers all our clients and smoothens their process of becoming a global citizens.

With concrete goals of serving our clients with state-of-the-art advisory service that is streamlined and simple, our mission statements are strong and grounded on impeccable clientele experience.

Our core values of integrity, honesty, professionalism, collaboration, and accountability are deeply rooted in our services. We strive to deliver the best results at all times.

It is our goal to provide simple, comprehensive streamlined services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Factor of reliability, relevance, and efficiency are our renowned work ethos.

Our ICCRC certified professional team is always at your perusal for mitigating and guiding you through any or every query and concern of yours.

Everything you need to know about immigration to Canada, Citizenship laws are all provided herewith for the best future outcome.

Why Choose Us

With our licensing. For any matters of immigration, Swis Immigration is the way to go. We provide extraordinary services to our clients and ensure that there is a smooth sail ahead.

Swis Immigration is the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh for Canada and helps everyone who wants to migrate for a better future, lifestyle, and opportunities. Our clientele testimonials are a true testament to our services and with 100% client satisfaction, we are one of the best immigration consultancies in Chandigarh.

Swis Immigration has always been a lucrative solution for top-notch immigration services for Canada. with the university, placement opportunities, our study abroad programs could be beneficial for students.

We cover the years have developed the knowledge and understanding of trends all across the globe and assist our clients in a modern and better way.

Our company has set a benchmark in the immigration domain with high rates and success ratios. Contact Swis Immigration and team for further information. And let your wings soar high to your dreams.


Have a glance below to learn what our fantastic clients are saying about us.

Our Blogs & Latest News

Our expert immigration consultant team always keep an eye on all latest information related to Immigration. Individuals willing to know all the updated and latest information could see this particular section where whatever comes to us is being put.

How to immigrate to canada 2021

How to Immigrate to Canada and Secure Canadian PR in 2021?

There are many programs to immigrate to Canada! Canada is a country built by immigrants. Immigration remains an important part of Canada’s future. Canada is the second-largest country in the world as per the area. (only behind Russia), it has a population of 31 million people. Its economic growth is tied to attracting newcomers to Canada.

Canada work permit visa

How to Get Canada Work Permit Visa?

People need to apply for a Canada Work Visa only after getting a job offer letter or an employment contract from an employer of Canada. The employer must obtain from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Why Immigrate to Canada


Migrate to Canada with Swis Immigration | Canada is undoubtedly considered one of the most sought-after countries for immigration in the world and plans on welcoming more than one million permanent residents over the next three years.

Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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