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British Columbia Immigration

BC, Canada’s westernmost province, demonstrated by mountain ranges and the Pacific coastline. Alongside this, it is the home of Canada’s third-largest city i.e, Vancouver. Moreover, the province’s economy is diverse as well as versatile and relies on a robust natural resources sector having great attention on forestry and mining.

The province has a combination of European and Asian culture and reveals dynamic and versatile features.

British Columbia Immigration

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

BCPNP emphasises the importance of letting people settle in the province on a permanent basis. This British Columbia Provincial Nominee program targets to fulfil the desire of people to get Canadian permanent residency status in Canada.

The government of British Columbia operates BCPNP. To apply for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, candidates are required to follow a process of two-stage. Initially, you need to apply for a nomination and if you have been nominated by the provincial government, you could apply for permanent residency.

BC PNP allowed by the IRCC to allocate a limited number of nominations annually

British Columbia is identified as being rich in business opportunities which ascertains an educated workforce of 2.4 million.

BC PNP Draws

The invitations to candidates for nomination are issued with the help of BC PNP under one of its stream that has been mentioned below:

  • Skills Immigration

    The individuals who have the capability to be useful members of the province, British Columbia chooses those individuals under skilled immigration in order to make them a part of British Columbia's labour force. British Columbia's skills immigration particularly focuses upon the candidates who manage to have employment prospects in the province and demonstrates the experience which is necessary for skills immigration

    • BC Skilled Worker
    • Healthcare Professional
    • BC International Graduate
    • International Post-Graduate
    • BC Entry Level
    • Semi-Skilled Worker
  • BC Express Entry

    British Columbia Express Entry provides certain options for individuals who wish to become permanent residents of the nation. The individuals who have got a BC PNP Express Entry profile are eligible to apply under the majority of programs associated with BC Skills Immigration. Moreover, candidates eligible for such a program could ask the application process of any of the stream to work.

  • Entrepreneur Immigration

    This sort of immigration method of British Columbia focuses on international people and their companies who manage to demonstrate their success in business management and ownership of entrepreneurs. Apart from this, the sole proprietors having a significant net worth along with the international cooperations could get a chance to immigrate to British Columbia with help of maintaining the development of recent business ventures in British Columbia.

    • BC Entrepreneur
    • BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
    • BC Strategic Projects
  • BC PNP Tech Pilot

    The officials of British Columbia help in the procedure of immigrating individuals for technology occupations of in-demand. The candidates having work experience are provided invitations in the occupations of 29 in the technology sector of British Columbia. This is done through weekly draws.

    The tech pilot program of BC PNP prefers applications from the technology sector under British Columbia immigration streams. These immigration streams include British Columbia Express Entry, Entrepreneur immigration and Skilled workers. For applying under one of the immigration streams, the applicants are to meet all the requirements which might include an employment letter from an employer of British Columbia.

How many points are needed to qualify?

  • Skilled workers: The skilled workers of British Columbia need 85 scores at least to qualify for both the provincial nominee and for British Columbia Express Entry.
  • nternational graduates: To qualify for both the streams, applicants need 95 points.
  • Entry-level and semi-skilled:The candidates under this category need 68 points to qualify

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

We are authorized by the License No. 354/MC-1/MA.We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigration matter. Make an appointment now for more details

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