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British Columbia Immigration

BC, Canada’s westernmost province, demonstrated by mountain ranges and the Pacific coastline. Alongside this, it is the home of Canada’s third-largest city i.e, Vancouver. Moreover, the province’s economy is diverse as well as versatile and relies on a robust natural resources sector having great attention on forestry and mining.

British Columbia Immigration

British Columbia's culture combines a singular mixture of European, Asian, and First Nations influences and its eight regions each provide dynamic and versatile features

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program aims specifically to accelerate the method for those who have a desire to get Canadian permanent resident status and who shall settle permanently in British Columbia.

BCPNP is operated by the government of British Columbia in accordance with the federal immigration department, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Therefore, interested candidates must follow a two-stage process: Firstly, apply for a nomination to the provincial government, and if nominated, apply for permanent residence to the federal.

IRCC allocates to BC PNP a limited number of nominations annually.

British Columbia’s economic process depends specifically on having enough skilled and qualified people to satisfy labour market requirements. The BC Provincial Nominee Program has been considered a way for high-demand foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs to realize permanent residency in British Columbia through BC PNP.

Moreover, British Columbia is rich in business resources which includes a well-educated workforce of over 2,4 million.

BC PNP Draws

The BC PNP issues periodic Invitations to candidates for nomination under one among BC PNP's eligible streams:

  • Skills Immigration

    Skills Immigration of British Columbia chooses foreign nationals who have the skills to become meaningful members of British Columbia’s labour force. Hence, the pathways within British Columbia's Skills Immigration emphasize immigrants who, therefore, have employment prospects in British Columbia and who illustrate the experience which is required to secure and maintain employment as British Columbia's residents.

    • BC Skilled Worker
    • Healthcare Professional
    • BC International Graduate
    • International Post-Graduate
    • BC Entry Level as well as Semi-Skilled Worker
  • BC Express Entry

    This gives opportunities to applicants who aren't eligible for British Columbia Express Entry. The majority of programs within BC Skills Immigration offer an accelerated pathway to permanent residence for eligible candidates who have a lively BC PNP Express Entry profile.Therefore, need to ask the appliance procedure of every stream to work out whether it offers a BC PNP Express Entry pathway.

  • Entrepreneur Immigration

    Entrepreneur Immigration of British Columbia targets mainly foreign nationals and foreign companies who have illustrated track records of success in business investment, management and ownership. Alongside this, sole proprietors and individual entrepreneurs with a significant personal net worth as well as the international corporations with high annual revenues may immigrate to British Columbia via BCPNP through the establishment of the latest enterprises within the province (British Columbia)

    • BC Entrepreneur
    • BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
    • BC Strategic Projects
  • BC PNP Tech Pilot

    This directs immigration officials of British Columbia to expedite the procedure of immigration candidates for in-demand technology occupations.

    Moreover, invitations are issued to candidates with work experience in one among 29 eligible occupations within the British Columbia technology sector, through weekly draws.

    The BC PNP Tech Pilot prioritizes technology sector applications under existing BC immigration streams i.e, Skilled workers, British Columbia Express Entry and Entrepreneur immigration. Most importantly, candidates must still meet the essential requirements of an applicable British Columbia immigration stream that includes a minimum one-year job offer from an employer in B.C for BC PNP.

Targeted occupations

This program allows additional points to the applicants whose occupation appears on the list of high demand occupations published in BC Labour Market Outlook.

For Skilled workers

BC’s growing economy requires skilled workers in high-demand occupations. The talents Immigration (SI) – trained worker category of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) may be a way for workers during a professional, management, technical, trade or other skilled occupation to realize permanent residence in B.C.

In order to qualify, the applicant needs to first accept an indeterminate job offer from a B.C. employer for BC PNP and furthermore may need relevant training and knowledge in the field of expertise.

To qualify for this category, the applicant must:

  • Accepted a legitimate job offer for full time (a permanent job, or one with no set end date) from a B.C. employer. The job must be in a National Occupational Classification skilled occupation (either Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B).
  • Qualified to perform the tasks of the job
  • Have two years of directly related work experience at least
  • Financial proof you can support yourself and your dependants
  • Should have legal immigration status or should be eligible for the same in Canada
  • NOC's skill level B occupations do meet the minimum language requirements
  • Acquire a wage offer in line with B.C. wage rates for the occupation

How many points required?

  • Skilled workers: A minimum of 85 scores will be required for skilled workers through both the direct provincial and British Columbia Express Entry streams.
  • International graduates: International graduates under both streams need 95 points
  • Entry-level and semi-skilled: These candidates require 68 points.

BC PNP has the following steps:

  • The first and the foremost thing is that a full-time employment letter issued by an employer from British Columbia. The employer should be able to support candidates during the processing of visa applications. The work letter isn't required if a candidate earns a degree from British Columbia University.
  • Moreover, a score is going to be provided with the assistance of the British Columbia points calculator to the applicant.
  • At length, the profile of candidates will be entering into a pool for selection and thus, British Columbia authorities will select candidates having the highest scores and demand.

Why seek assistance from Swis Immigration?

In order to apply for a British Columbia PNP program, it might seem easy and some applicants might apply without seeking any help from an immigration lawyer or consultant, thinking that they may do it themselves but fail to do so.

The documentations involved in successfully obtaining a BC PNP are somewhat complex and typically requires legal expertise.

We have helped many individuals and their families successfully immigrate to Canada through British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. Our experienced immigration consultant are going to be ready to assess your case and recommend a course of action to best serve your needs.

We can also write to us your queries at and thus, we'll revisit you within 24 hours to debate your eligibility and options.

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