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Latvia Tourist visa

This baltic country is situated between two countries namely Estonia and Lithuania. Moreover, Latvia is known for its landscapes, metropolitan cities, strong national identity and diverse culture. The capital city of the nation is Riga which is famous for its huge Central market, a medieval Old town, museums and churches and notable wooden and school architecture.

Latvia Tourist visa

Latvia Tourist Visa eligibility requirements:

  1. Team of experts will provide you with a complete checklist as per the requirement.
  2. You will be supported by getting sample copies of the documentation that is required.
  3. Assisting the customers with getting Air tickets and confirmed Hotel booking.
  4. For tourist visa Latvia, the time duration is generally five working days.
  5. Financials:
    1. Last six months bank statement
    2. Last three years' ITR
  6. Proof of Occupation:
    1. Self Employed: Proof of ownership
    2. Employed: Last three months salary slips.
  8. Proof of Accommodation
  9. Airline Reservation: Confirmed trip tickets for tourist visa Latvia.
  10. Embassy Fees for Latvia tourist visa

Application process of Latvia tourist visa

The nature of the country is very welcoming where the tourists are pleased and could find outstanding beaches, castles along with its mesmerizing. The country's capital is Riga and in order to get the application done for Latvia, tourist visas are very easy for us as we provide an ample number of services to the clients. For the Latvian economy, the tourism industry has been an essential part. Moreover, for countries like India, if the citizens hold a Schengen visa, the chances of getting a tourist visa is more in that case.

In addition to this, Latvia is a member of the European Union and also a part of the Schengen area of the European continent. Moreover, the nation shares borders with Belarus and Russia. Individuals who wish to travel to Latvia might need a visa in order to enter the country. In order to get a Schengen visa of Latvia, the traveller needs to have a valid passport and certain documents that are required for the application of a tourist visa Latvia.

The visitors who wish to visit the country on a tourist visa are not given more than 3 months to leave the country. If the visitor wishes to stay in the country for longer than this, he might need a long term visa and will have to apply for it. The Embassy needs to be informed about the traveller's plan through an application if he has to roam around other Schengen countries as well.

The applicant who wishes to visit the destination for the first time needs to submit all the documents that are mentioned before. In order to get a tourist visa Latvia, one has to get full assistance from the expert staff that should have extensive knowledge with regard to travelling the country for tourism purposes. For tourist visa Latvia application, our faculty would be giving expert knowledge about the detailed and thorough knowledge of the procedure that has to be followed.

For more details on Tourist visa Latvia, you could write to us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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