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Win Wachsmann

Mr. Win Wachsmann (Business Advisor & Evaluator)

Win Wachsmann has been communicating effectively since, at the age of 5 he recited his first 15 stanza poem at a wedding reception and received enthusiastic applause.

His speaking skills expanded into writing, teaching, and the visual arts.

He became a syndicated business columnist and saw some of his best columns line birdcages across British Columbia. As a college and school Continuing Education Instructor, he specialized in teaching students how to start and run their own businesses. He expanded into computer training when Apple and IBM introduced the personal computer.

A professional photographer, he was able to make many brides look stunning in their wedding celebrations.

As a writer and producer, he created and produced several short films and even had one of his ideas turn into a TV pilot for the History Channel.

Since 1991 he and his wife have run a publishing company and have helped many writers complete and publish their own books.

Along the way, he ran a construction company and moved into the import/export business, providing and sourcing products from all over the world.

After several forays into business finance as a mortgage broker, owner of a factoring company and a mortgage investment corporation, he saw that many businesses were struggling with effective financial management and marketing. He entered the advice business and was able to help many businesses improve their sales, marketing and financial management.

Win’s broad business experience makes him an ideal fit for Business Platter International, as they serve up business solutions to their clients

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