international School Student Visa is the same kind of visa that is been issued to International Students to study in Colleges and Universities. But the only difference in this visa is that the students who are in primary or high school can also apply to study in Canada. The students are required to stay in Canada with either their parents, their relatives or Home Stay with Canadian families who are enrolled and approved by the school where they are applying.

Some of the Canadian School Division welcomes international students to the Canadian community and appreciates the diverse perspectives they bring to the school and classrooms. They offer excellent and affordable educational experiences, with complete immersion in English or French-speaking environments. The distinct programming is designed to provide international students with meaningful and engaging experiences that foster personal, academic, and social growth.


SWIS Immigration partners with some of the Canadian School Division like Louis Riel School Division and Sea to Sky School District 48 which helps to get admission, accommodation, and other required services to the kids and for which no IELTS is required… All the School divisions that are partners in this program are all Government School Division which reduces the risk and tension of Fraud.

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