We pride ourselves on being a Winnipeg Canada Based immigration company is arranging camps with expert Coaches/Teachers from various countries across all over the world. Anajana Kumar research scholar of International Olympic academy, Ethens Greece is key person behind success of these trips. She has a crown to work as project officer in commonwealth games held in Delhi, India 2010.

Our provision and sports development sessions have been delivered in over 20 countries including Canada, USA, Australia, Netherland, France, Japan, etc. Our lesson plans for camps are designed to include physical and intellectual development for children/youth. Moreover our motive is to provide specific technical skills to enhance their performance in individual game as well as team game.

Our aim is to develop special training environment in camps, where children/youth gain a skillful use of the body, enhancing motor skills, and basic game and movement concepts as well as gaining basic technical and tactical knowledge of sport. We promote competition and advise all our trained associates to encourage District / Province and country level competition working alongside local governing bodies to provide children with every opportunity.

The company philosophy is to “provide best teaching to be the best in the world”.

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