Quebec is Canada’s largest province and the only province in Canada which is predominantly French-speaking. This provides the province with a unique culture and history in North America. The Province works hard to preserve its French heritage and requires children of Quebec immigration immigrants to attend French-speaking schools, in order for them to better fit into Quebec society. The largest city in the Province is Montreal, with a population of 3.7 million people, followed by the capital, Quebec City, with a population of 728,000.

Quebec has a modern service orientated economy but is also home to some of Canada’s largest manufacturing and financial services companies. Montreal is also home to McGill University, one of Canada’s most prestigious universities, which interestingly, primarily uses English in its courses.

All immigrants who declare their intent to establish themselves in Quebec must be approved by the Quebec Government, and receive a CSQ (Certificate of Quebec Selection). Quebec vies with British Columbia to receive the second-highest level of immigration in Canada, at around 45,000 per year, with 85% moving to Montreal.