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Neal Diamond


Neal Diamond has spent over 30 years in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia helping entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses so that they can create jobs, grow economies, and offer their customers better products and services.

Neal’s services range from providing general business expertise and advice, to marketing and strategic planning along with capital funding and employment recruitment. His wide ranging experience includes the merger and acquisition of transportation companies located on both sides of the Canada/USA border.

Particular areas of expertise where Neal has helped to grow successful enterprises are in the fields of transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, distribution, and higher education. Recent clients are successfully operating in the Esports field and several start-up tech firms.

Neal’s particular specialty is in working with trusted business immigration lawyers and immigration consultants, providing a large source of foreign resources—both off-shore and on-shore capital plus skilled workers and strategic investors.

This provides options for company owners looking to exit with access to untapped markets of international buyers.

Neal has been a trusted advisor and consultant for clients in Hong Kong, mainland China, Dubai, India, Turkey, South Africa, and the UK, and has developed strong associate partnerships in Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada and the United States.

Neal also is a specialist in working with his clients to find accepted businesses for the Federal Government Start-up Visa Program and assists companies connect with strategic investors and talent from around the world.

Neal also has experience with the Quebec Investor Program and the federal Labour Market Impact Assessment program.

Neal a has advised local and regional governments on projects ranging from strategic consulting to the design, implementation, and operation of business investment-related residence and citizenship programs. The objective of such programs is to enhance a community’s attractiveness to international entrepreneurs and investors and to create more favorable conditions for foreign direct investments.

Neal is passionate about ensuring his clients have the necessary ideas, resources, and capital required to succeed in today’s global economy.

Neal is a relationship builder and his clients see him as the “go to” person to source the necessary resources, people, and funds for their business.

Neal has received the designation of Commissioner for Taking Affidavits and Oaths for the Province of British Columbia. He has also served as a designated farm advisor for the Province of British Columbia and the Provincial Nominee Program.

Neal lives just outside of Vancouver, BC but has developed close personal connections around the globe.

Neal enjoys the West Coast outdoors and can often be found on trails with some of his 6 grandkids.

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