Manitoba is located in the center of Canada but is usually referred to as a Western Province. It has a small population of 1.2 million people and a medium-sized capital city (Winnipeg) which has 700,000 residents. To the south and southwest of the province, is prairie, with large tracks of agricultural land. The rest of the province is covered with boreal forest, with a small northern fringe being arctic tundra. and Manitoba Canada immigration program with the second-largest provincial program. It has a very favorable skilled worker and family category.

Unlike the other western Canadian provinces, Manitoba does not have an abundance of natural resources. The most important resource that Manitoba has is its water, with nearly 1/3 of all water in North America being drained through the province. This water has allowed Manitoba to become a major producer of hydroelectricity, which it exports to neighboring provinces and states. Manitoba is generally a low-cost environment, which allows it to have a large manufacturing sector and service sector.

Manitoba Canada immigration program has a very active immigration program, with the second-largest provincial program, only behind Quebec. It has a very favorable skilled worker and family category, as well as having an attractive business immigration program.