Get Free Visa Assessment

Swis Immigration provides simple and free visa assessment. For the people willing to go abroad for immigration, studies, work, tourism, or want to establish their own business, or want to invest in any sector. Before applying for any kind of visa, you can check here, whether you are eligible or not to obtain the visa.

If you successfully pass the visa assessment eligibility test. Then you can apply for a visa confidently. If you do not qualify, don’t lose hope, you can also check again with the better options.

Most of the countries issue visa on point base system, we tried our best to calculate the points according to the latest requirements and policies. Here you can also read about different types of visa requirements and procedures.

What will you get in Free Visa Assessment ?

The very first step, when you are planning to immigrate to any new Country, is to check for the eligibility by pre-assessment of your profile. The pre-assessment allows the person to get a clear view of his / her profile. And determine the chances of immigration based on the credentials, So that you are aware of the score well in-advance and take necessary steps to improve it.

Benefits of Pre- Visa Assessment Test by Swis Immigration

  • You will get your profile worth for getting a visa.
  • Before moving ahead, you are aware of what the migration process entails.
  • It helps you to find the best program for your immigration based on your Visa assessment scores.
  • Avoid wastage of money and time by unnecessary applying to a program for which you are not eligible.

The report which is generated by the Swis Immigration expert provides in-depth information on your success rate in the migration process. Technical Evaluation Report is highly recommended if you are planning to move abroad.

Swis Immigration is your One–Stop Solution for All Kind of Immigration Services

We are the best immigration services provider for Canada and other countries. We represent you in your application to migrate to a new country.

Swis Immigration is one of the best immigration services. we provide the best services in the world of migration. We assist people to migrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and in Europian Countries. There are many Documentation and Verification processes they are part of the immigration process, and our aim is to make the processing simple and smooth.

Here we talk about Immigration to countries like Canada and Australia is done through a point-based evaluation of the candidature. In this evaluation model, in order to gain eligibility for permanent residency (PR). it is important that the candidate should secure the minimum required points as per the benchmark set by the immigration authorities of the in which you want to migrate.