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Why Study in Poland

Why Study in Poland

With time, the demand of Poland especially for the study purpose is highly increased.

If you want to think about studying in Poland then 


you have to know about the basic things about Poland.

Poland is situated in central Europe, and also a very important part of Europe.

To know more about the history of Poland click here.

No doubt that Poland has become a beautiful as well as affordable place.

That’s why many international students prefer to study in Poland.

Currently, about 2 million international individuals study in Poland in many different universities and colleges.

If you are still confused about your decision to study in Poland then there are some reasons:

.Quality and Variety in educational fields

.value for money


. Scholarship for Non-EU students

1.Quality and Variety in educational fields:

there is a deniable fact that education matters a lot in the present time.

But the question is arising that the quality of your education sufficient on not as compares to the fast-moving world.

Poland is a nation that strongly stands with its words QUALITY OF EDUCATION.

Poland has approximately 455 higher educational institutes at present.

Also, Poland is familiar to everyone in the world because of the Variety in the educational fields such as:


. Agriculture



.fine arts 


instead of this, there are many other fields.

Top institutes for international students in Poland:

2. Value for money:

The tuition fees in Poland are less as compare to the other educational institutes across the world.

Moreover, this relaxation in fees does not affect the Quality of education in Poland.

Even also students have the right to do part-time jobs with their studies.

And because of this students feel independent too.


Cost (PLN)

Cost (EUR)

Rent (student dormitory)

400 - 600

90 - 140

Public transportation

50 - 60

11 - 13

Health insurance

40 - 60

9 - 13

Phone, internet, and TV subscription bills

80 - 100

17 - 22


700 - 900

150 - 200


150 - 200

35 - 45

Average total expenses

1500 - 2000

330 - 430

Current Rate: 

1 PLN = 0.26 United states dollar 

1 EUR=1.17 United States dollar 

3. Hospitality:

Actually its matter a lot, everyone knows that after moving from one place to another usually, people face many hurdles regarding their transports, study, language barriers and many more.

So in that case everyone wants that their host will be friendly by nature and try to mixing with new ones easily, in other words, it's simply meaning easily adjustable in every field.

Culture name of Poland:


in Poland, around 38 million people speak Polish as a first language which is about 98% of the total population of Poland.

the total population of Poland is 3.8 crores

The literacy rate of Poland is 98.75%

The food and the culture somehow represent the gesture of the people of Poland list of some famous food in Poland are:






.Kotlet schabowy

.Silesian Kluski



.Placki ziemniaczane

and many more

Extraordinary hospitality is the root of Polish culture.

Polish won't hesitate to offer you to stay in their flat or house for two to three days if you have any problem regarding arranging your accommodation.

In addition, they always care and take responsibility to make your stay or trip is comfortable and enjoyable in Poland.

If we talk about the sense of humour then there is no doubt that polish people score 99 out of 100 because according to the survey conducted by the American agency polish people are so much caring and good hosts.

Why Poland?

. Worldwide recognized, quality education

.member of EU (European Union) 28 countries

.visa allows travelling to 26 member countries (Schengen.  country)

.Extended residence permission after graduation

.settlement option such as blue card 

.No requirements of TOEFL, IELTS if education has been in English Medium

.pocket friendly living coast

Why Indian students study in Poland:

Around 10,000 Indian students on average go abroad for their study purpose.

And Poland is the topmost preference for everyone.

Poland provides the students with many merits. Indians students select Poland because of many reasons:

.the top-class education system

.learning of polish language is not compulsory if you are studying in Poland

.degree programs are recognised all over the world

.Studying in Poland surely help to secure and better lifestyle 

Polish student visa process:

1.confirm your university place

2.find your nearest polish consulate

3.set a visa appointment with the consulate

4.prepare your documents

5.attend your appointment and submit your documents


1. So many options in the centre of Europe in a city that’s bursting with different cultures

4.ideal for a student budget

5.great career opportunities

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They are experts in the field with offices all across Punjab and they provide consultations for immigrating to Canada, the US, UK, Australia, and many more.

Study in abroad is the dream of every child in the present era. Everyone knows the value of study in abroad. 

Are you planning to study in Canada, Australia, UK as well as the USA? Well, it is a good decision. This is the right time to apply for a study visa.

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