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Why Migrate to Canada?

Why Migrate to Canada?

It is no surprise that Canada welcomes about 300,000 new immigrants each year given that it is one of the most sought-after countries in the world for immigration. Therefore, why should you immigrate to Canada?

"Immigrants in all classes make substantial contributions to our economy and our communities," says John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.

1. Canada is the top-ranked nation in the world

According to millennials who participated in a new US News wire study, Canada is the best country in the world. Thousands of members of the influential generation were asked to rate various countries on a variety of factors, from job development to dating culture, and it was thought that Canada performed the best.

The study established that Canada is the best option to consider in terms of living conditions and is also a viable option to consider in terms of starting a career.

2. Canadians enjoy a good standard of living 

The average Canadian lives to be 81 years old, according to the latest figures. We hypothesize that Canada's great quality of life is influenced by the clean air and huge open areas. As a result, the elderly population of Canada is well-cared for and that makes the immigrate to Canada.

3. The safety record of Canada is among the best in the world

The low crime rate in Canada, which ranks among the lowest in the world, significantly contributes to the high standard of living among its citizens. Canadians have a zero-tolerance approach against numerous social concerns, such as domestic violence and abuse, and they are very aware of the crime. Furthermore, Canada has ratified treaties and hasn't had any WMD since 1984.

4. The government funds the majority of universities in Canada

Canada has made these services free for all legal citizens since access to education and healthcare is a fundamental human right. As a result, Canadians have access to free, high-quality healthcare as well as good education at all public institutions. Another major reason to immigrate to Canada for study.

5. The Canadian economy is booming

The infrastructure and economy of Canada operate in perfect harmony to create a well-run nation. In addition, Canada is ranked as the 11th richest nation in the world and belongs to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Similar to a developed country, the service sector, which employs nearly three-quarters of Canadians, dominates the country's economy.

6. Canada is one of the world’s most educated countries

Over half of Canada’s residents have college degrees and the number of Canadians with university-level education is second to none. This, in turn, contributes to Canada’s thriving economy and booming industries as there are always opportunities for individuals to not only educate themselves but also create employment for others.

7. The job market in Canada is constantly growing

According to reports, 58,900 new jobs are produced in Canada each month, and the country's unemployment rate is under 10%. There are plenty of opportunities to find employment and pick up new skills in a country like Canada because there are various immigration streams that are particularly designed to allow immigrants to immigrate for work purposes.

8. The public transportation in Canada is first-rate.

With 1,404 airports and various operational bus, train, and transit systems to get people where they need to be safely and on time, travelling within and throughout Canada is simple.

9. A multicultural society exists in Canada.

Canada has a high population due to the roughly 300,000 immigrants that enter the country each year.  Canada comprises a large population of immigrants from several different religious and cultural backgrounds. In fact, 1 out of every 5 Canadians was born outside of Canada and chose to immigrate to the country.

10. Gorgeous Canada

Canada's natural beauty is unmatched, with the greatest coastline in the world and more lakes than the rest of the world combined. The nation also offers breathtaking buildings and magnificent urban metropolis areas for the typical city traveller.

By ensuring that all of the necessary documentation and processes are done accurately and on time, Swis Immigrationspecializes in helping immigrants realize their dream of relocating to Canada. With the knowledgeable assistance of our RCICs, candidates will not only be aware of all immigration laws and news but their applications will also be optimized to guarantee the greatest outcomes.

Immigration Program for Canada

Over 80 immigration programmes are administered by the Canadian government, which makes it easier for people to immigrate to Canada. Even live and work outside of the city. In Canada, you can submit an application for both permanent and temporary immigration categories. You have access to the same healthcare services and the majority of other benefits as Canadian citizens as permanent residents of the country.

Indians can immigrate to Canada in a variety of ways. The five categories of permanent visas are listed below.

1. Pilot Program for Atlantic Immigration

2. Federal skilled worker visa 

3. Program for Provincial Nominees

4. Class with Canada Experience

5. Immigration from Quebec

By choosing one of the aforementioned programmes and going through the processes below, you can submit a visa application via the Express Entry Method. The quickest way to enter Canada is through Express Entry.

Step 1: Evaluate your program eligibility.

Step 2: Collect all required paperwork

Step 3: Fill out an Express Entry Profile with correct information.

Step 4: Fill out the Express Entry Pool application.

Step 5: Wait for an Invitation to Apply to arrive (ITA).

How may Swis Immigration be of service?

Our offerings consist of:

Profile Evaluation: We determine which visas you need to apply for by comparing your particular profile history to the criteria for eligibility.

Writing a Résumé: We'll teach you how to create a resume that will impress immigration officials.

Getting documentation: assist you in assembling the paperwork you'll need to submit a visa application.

Responsible Case Officer: We operate as a single point of contact between the business and you throughout the process and offer individualized assistance.

Whether you need assistance with application forms, medical or police clearance certificates, interview preparation, working samples for resumes and cover letters, or anything else, we will always be here for you.

Swis Immigration We being an RCIC member had been offering a plethora of services for such a long tenure and assisting people to establish a better future ahead.

Moreover, our immigration consultant team serves students who are residing in Canada and are seeking employment or immigrating to Canada. We render our services to those who eventually wish to apply for their permanent residency as well. 

Additionally, our executives analyze the entire profile thoroughly about offering the best consultation to our valuable clients. Canada PR is explained to be a lengthy and complicated process for individuals acquiring an Open Work permit in Canada.

That is the reason why Swis immigration has been remarked as the best consultants for Canada. At length, our executive will light up your career by ascertaining that the best served have been served to you.

Swis Immigration is the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh for Canada and helps everyone who wants to migrate for a better future, lifestyle, and opportunities. Our clientele testimonials are a true testament to our services and with 100% client satisfaction, we are one of the best immigration consultancies in Chandigarh.

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