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Recently Germany is very popular among all the people of the world. In other words, we say that Germany is like a magnet that attracts all the foreign students as well as people of different nations to study in Germany.

Let's explain all the reasons behind this that why all the international students prefer to go to Germany for their studies.

Even many international students say that for study purposes Germany is like a paradise.

Germany is listed in the top 10 most desirable and beautiful country all over the world. 

For the education basis in Germany, you will find many world-class educational institutes and universities as well as affordable living coast.

In addition, Germany has a long and rich history, a dynamic and happy lifestyle mixing with the modern and the classics lifestyle.

According to the survey conducted by the American news channel BBC, around 395,720 international students go to study in Germany every year. Whereas, the number is rapidly increased every year with time.

In every year numbers of students are coming from all over the world in Germany because they have a strong belief in the education system of Germany as well as they know the importance of study in Germany.


The population:

the population of Germany is about 8.3 crores.

The literacy rate:

the literacy rate of Germany is around 99%. That is why Germany is also known as an educated notion.


German is the official language in Germany around 95% of the people of Germany speaks German.

There are some minority languages includes 


which were spoken by 0.09% of the citizen of Germany.


Benefits of Studying in Germany for international students:

There are many benefits of studying in Germany some of are:

1.No tuition fees 

2. Excellent higher education 

3. Internationally recognized degrees

4. Study programs taught in English

5. Great job opportunities

6. A chance to explore all aspects of life in Germany

7. Staying in Germany after your studies

1.No tuition fees at public universities in Germany:

Higher education in Germany is mainly funded by the state and that’s why there are no tuition fees in Germany.

2. Excellent higher education:

Germany is very popular all over the world because of their higher educational institutes and their excellent infrastructure.

According to the survey conducted by CCN news Germany are listed top 10 best Study institutes and best infrastructures.

There are three different types of institutes in Germany: 


.Universities of applied science

.Technical, Arts, Music and Film colleges.

Moreover, Universities in Germany are known to excel in both infrastructure and curricula.

3. Internationally recognized degrees:

Universities in Germany are familiars to everyone easily because German degrees are recognized globally.

BA/BSc equals 6 semesters of study

MA/MSc equals to 2-4 semesters, depending on the program

PhD equals 4-6 semesters, depending on the program

1. Study programs taught in English:

English is recognised as the international communication language.

Around 528M of people all around the world use the English language for communication.

Moreover; English is a second language in the majority of schools all over the world.

3. Great job opportunities

Regardless of the free tuition fee policy, studying in Germany doesn’t come entirely for free of charge – you continue to get to meet the living costs. 

Therefore many international students tend to seem employment to support themselves while studying.

 It is very easy for EU students to seek out employment, as there are not any limitations whatsoever.

 Meanwhile, students from non-EU countries need to apply for a piece permit, and their working hours are limited to 190 full days or 240 half days per annum.

Students from countries outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland aren't permitted to figure freelance or self-employed. 

However, this has seldom been a problem since Germany may be a very well-developed country where the economy supports thousands of latest jobs a day, giving the bulk of international students the likelihood of finding an honest job.

 These might not always be paid, but could lead to an excellent future job after obtaining your degree.

4. An opportunity to explore all aspects of life in Germany

Student life in Germany is based on adrenaline and curiosity. German people are friendly but provide you with privacy; mutual respect and order are an area of the daily routine, and cultural diversity is worth exploring in every inch of the country because it causes you to feel a part of one entity instead of a stranger.

Outdoor activities are pretty popular in Germany, including sports, hiking, cycling, skiing and more – so students who consider themselves athletic are getting to slot in just fine.

 As most international students prefer to sleep in metropolises, they’ll find many activities to fill their spare time; hanging call at bars, clubbing, theatre and cinema are all part of student life in Germany.

 Most of the great German cities are artsy and have a vivid underground music scene, crammed with hipster fashion, books and ideals which all bring an enlightening and interesting experience.

If you get uninterested in the frenzy, you’ll find that Germans are for the foremost part more private people, preferring smaller gatherings behind closed doors, enjoying their food and beverages in a more intimate atmosphere.

 Once you've got an opportunity to hitch local friendship groups, you'll start learning about “real” life in Germany.

Germans are by all means green. Parks and green spaces are a part of every neighbourhood and remain the perfect space to calm the mind.

 Travelling in and out of the country promises surreal landscapes, great architecture and plenty of historical data to be revealed.

Another true advantage to life in Germany is that the superb conveyance, which is efficient, safe and fast. As an additional cheer-up of studying in Germany, you get a travel card free of charge by paying enrolment and administrative taxes that are relatively low.

5. Staying in Germany after your studies

Finally, after studying in Germany, you’ll have the prospect to remain on and seek work after you graduate.

 The law allows international graduates to remain for a further 18 months to hunt work, and you'll even find yourself staying longer if that's what you would like.


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There are two different categories 

1. Academic assistant’s             2.Off-campus jobs

1. Academic assistants:

.Library supervisor

.Literature researcher

.Tutorial assistant            

2. Off-campus jobs:


.trade fairs





.filing office documents

.media (journalism students)

.tutoring (students in teacher training)


University Bulletin Board:

it can be an effective and easy way to find a student job during the study for a student’s. 

Depending on your area as well as according to your convent you can find many types of part-time job opportunities on the university bulletin board.

University Career Centres:

Many universities usually have their own career centres, in there they help the students to find a job.

 Even the university career centre is regularly in contact with numerous industries and companies in simple words they are up-to-date with the job market. Students set their appointment and according to their demands, they easily find jobs.  

Online jobs portals: With the advancement of 

the technology there are many online portals available nowadays which can help students to find a job in their area as well as according to their work experience .you can find a wide range of jobs opportunities with the help of these types of online jobs portals.

Friends and fellow students:

Actually, there is no doubt that strong connections with many people help a lot in many situations.

Asking friends and fellow students or sharing that you want to get a job then it’s really helpful in many cases just because in many times they have heard of any job opening or vacancy they inform you instantly. 


The application process to study in Germany

Find a Study Program

Meet All Requirements

Learn the German Language

Find Financial Resources

Apply For Admission

Get Your German Student Visa

Find Accommodation

Enrol At Your University

1. Find a Study Program:

Finding a university and choosing a study program (courses) according to your interest is the initial step.

You can easily find a university and courses with the help of the internet. 

Many universities share their information regarding their updates and courses available on the internet.

NOTE :( Start a researching at least 2 months before deciding)

2.Meet all requirements:

If you are here in the second step then its means you are deciding that what university and what study program you want to apply to.

Even you check the university website and their admission requirements sections. If you have any queries related to courses you can directly contact the university without any hesitation.

Every university has its different rules and policies so it is very important as well as compulsory to read and check the requirements section many times with care.

There are also some reasons to delay or reject the application such as:

.bad timing 

.missing documents 

so keep on time as well as very carefully handle all the documents.

3. Learn the German language: 

Germany is the top choice for many individuals for study purposes.

Your success depending on this factor also, because learning the German language is really helpful in German.

Actually, in many fields, German people gave preference to that student who knows the language of German.

4. Find financial resources:

The next step is making sure you have the required financial resources such as where to live, where to stay etc. According to German law for the students, every foreign student has proper finances.

An international student in Germany must possess a minimum amount of €10,335 which is estimated to be enough for a student.

5. Apply for admission:

To complete all these steps you have to apply for admission. After double-checking the required documents, it is time to submit your application.

For submitting your application many universities created their online portals. But somehow few universities accept application letters off-line.

Firstly you have to contact your university to know which type of method they used to accept documents online or offline.

UniAssist is like a platform many German universities and colleges are part of the national university online application platform.

In addition, few universities in Germany run their own online portals on their universities websites.

6. Get your German Student Visa: 

If you are a student coming from a non-EU and non-EEA country you must have a German student visa.


1. Visa Application Documents

2.Proof of university Admission

3.Evidence of your earlier education

There are three types of German student visas:

1 German Student visa

2.German Student Application Visa

3.German Language Courses Visa

Steps to apply for a German Student Visa:

 .Locate The Closest German Embassy or Consulate.

. Review The Requirements and Procedures

. Set Up A Visa Appointment

. Have the entire Visa Application Documents Ready

. Prepare For Your Visa Interview

7.Find Accommodation:

Note: If possible two weeks before your landing in Germany

Finding the best university is important but finding the best Accommodation is also a very important part.

If you have your student visa then officially you have admitted student in Germany.

Moreover, Accommodation in Germany is not so very expensive.

 Temporary accommodation in Germany for international students for their first days: 

.Cheap hotels

.Low-cost hotels 

.Youth hostels

.Private B&B 


8. Enroll At Your University:

The final step is to enrol in courses at the university where you are admitted.

Public higher education in Germany is offered for free, but you will still have to pay a registration fee which ranges somewhat between €150 and €250.

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