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Who is Eligible ?

Who is Eligible ?

Who all are eligible for the latest policy of Two-week work permit processing? 

A piece of updated information has been put forth in this particular blog which reveals that work permit applicants in India could apply for and receive their work permit within a tenure of 2 weeks, once all the documents have been submitted adequately. The ones who have already applied for and submitted their application for a work permit in January 2021 are being processed now.

Internationally, this policy relates to those applicants who have already appeared for a physical examination and have submitted their medical reports earlier. In order to process a complete Global Skills Strategy application of work permit, the standard time interval has been reduced to two weeks. Thus, this applies to only those applicants who had been under an occupation listed as essential in the NOC (National Occupational Classification).

On the contrary, only the applications which had been submitted in the month of August 2020, those cases are still under consideration by the authorities without having to submit a medical certificate. This includes all the GSS applications, spousal open work permits, and all the remaining types of work permits. Thus, these applications which had been submitted in August 2020 are currently being processed without having to show any medical report.

Groups have been made on the type of jobs that utilizes the NOC system to classify occupations. These jobs groups vary on the basis of:

·   Job duties

·   What kind of work the concerned person is doing

The main job groups for immigration purposes are:

·   Skill type Zero: This category includes the jobs such as restaurant managers, management jobs, shore captains and mine managers as well.

·   Skill type A: Type A covers professional jobs in particular that need to have a professional degree from one of the renowned and well-recognized universities. These type A occupations include professionals like Dentists, architects, and doctors.

·   Skill type B: The jobs that are more technical as well as skilled trades that require either training as an apprentice or need to have an educational diploma from the college.

·   Skill type C: The type C category all those individuals who only require certain specific skills of work or a high school diploma to be eligible for this occupation list. This involves long-haul truck drivers, food and beverage servers, and industrial butchers.

·   Skill type D: The concerned category of occupations includes jobs that usually require only job training. No education is required in particular in order to get this job. Individuals that are in this category include oil field workers, cleaning staff, and fruit pickers.

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