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When will Canada be admitting travellers from India?

When will Canada be admitting travellers from India?

Even if the country has commenced providing ease in terms of travel restrictions, yet the ban for Indian travellers has still been extended.

The travel ban has been lifted for all travellers from India be it direct or business flights till a particular date i.e, 21 July 2021. Initially, this ban on travelling was implemented in two countries collectively namely India and Pakistan from April 22. But, for now, the extension on certain restrictions has been done for solely India.

One of the public health officials expressed that the variant prevailing in India had revealed an increasing amount of transmissibility. For Pakistan, the ban had not been extended despite the initial ban.

Ease in travel rules of Canada

The travel exemptions have currently been expanded by Canada for the holders of the Confirmation of Permanent Residence document. This particularly means that the individuals holding a legitimate COPR are eligible to travel to Canada. However, the candidates whose COPR’s have been expired need to be on the waiting list unless they are being announced to renew their respective documents by the Canadian government.

At the initial stage, when the travel restrictions were being imposed by the Canadian government in March 2020, at that point in time, the individuals holding COPR’s were not been exempted from it.

Prior to easing restrictions related to Canadian borders, the government will see through the amount of COVID-19 case counts and that too both Canada as well as abroad. As a matter of fact, another thing that has to be considered thoroughly is the amount of population which has took vaccination dose. The increase in COVID-19 variant cases is also taken into account before giving relief to travel bans.

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